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Barcelona Travel guide

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Your essential guide to Barcelona

When will you visit Barcelona?


Spring in Barcelona

Spring in Barcelona is a refreshing time of year to visit – with a touch of rain to cool off the city. With some of the heat and humidity cleared from the air, the city is much more pleasant to explore. The weather begins to get brighter, warmer and sunnier throughout the season with average highs of 20°C. It’s best to pack for rain or shine at this time of year and bring a few extra layers for the cooler nights in this coastal city.

Summer in Barcelona

July and August are generally hot, sometimes peaking with highs of 34°C. Be sure to drink plenty of water when you’re sightseeing, the humidity can feel intense. The average sea temperature hovers around 24°C, making leisurely beach days in the city an absolute must. With more daylight hours bursting with sunshine, summertime is perfect for al fresco dining and sangria sipping on the shore.

Autumn in Barcelona

If you decide to visit during autumn, keep in mind that October is the wettest month, so you should definitely pack a waterproof. However, you should also kit up for all weather, since sunny days can still shine through. Nights can drop to lows of 9°C, so stay tucked in a cosy corner of a café – with churros and hot chocolate after your city adventures.

Flights to Barcelona


from New York, November 2020

Winter in Barcelona

From December to February the temperatures are cooler, averaging around 13°C. The lowest temperature flutters at a chilly 4°C. However, on the best days when skies are blue, the brisk weather is perfect for wandering around the highlights of Barcelona. If you’re feeling audacious, make a move to the beach and dip your feet in the Balearic sea for revitalising sensations.

Flights to Barcelona


from Los Angeles, January 2021

Barcelona visa and entry requirements

If you’re travelling on a European Union (EU) passport, you will not need a visa to visit Barcelona. Those from countries outside the EU may need to apply for a visa in advance of your trip. For more information, check your visa requirements and apply by visiting the IATA Travel Centre.

Getting around

Taxis are plentiful in Barcelona; there is a constant stream of them allocated by a marshal at Barcelona airport and they can be found in ranks all over the city. Once your flight to Barcelona lands catch a ride from the airport to the city centre for around 30 euros. If you hop in a taxi to get about the city, you can expect to pay a minimum fare of 7 euros for a quick trip. The metres usually charge per kilometre.

Hire a car in Barcelona for exploring the combined urban hub and beach break destination. Book our car hire option to gain the ultimate flexibility on your Barcelona holiday. Get around the city with ease and book a hotel with car parking available. Make mini trips to the surrounding mountains and attractions. Venture beyond the capital of Catalonia, for a road trip along the Costa Brava, Costa Maresme, Costa Dorado or to other Spanish cities.

With over 1000 public buses cruising through the streets of Barcelona and over 80 routes connecting the main districts of the city, hopping on and off at the best hot spots is easy. Check out the travel card options available, including cards for unlimited journeys around the city to soak up the sights. A two-day card will cost you about 15 euros, while a 5-day card will cost you around 35 euros.

The Barcelona metro service makes for a quick and cheap way to get about the city. There are plenty of tickets to choose from, including the T-10 which costs around 10 euros and will cover you for 10 metro journeys. It’s also worth keeping in mind, that the T-10 ticket can be used for travel to and from Barcelona airport. If you think you will make more metro journeys during your holiday in Barcelona, check out the other travel cards available for the metro.

Tipping in Barcelona

Although tipping is not obligatory in Barcelona, good service does expect to be rewarded with a tip. Whether this be at a restaurant, hotel or after a taxi ride – you should leave a tip if you’re happy with the service.

Tipping in restaurants and bars

In most Barcelona restaurants, it is customary to leave a 7 - 10% per cent tip. If you feel the service has been exceptional, a larger tip would be warmly welcomed. If you eat in a fine dining restaurant, a bigger tip will be expected. Tipping in bars is different, though. You don’t tip in Barcelona bars – and you might catch a bemused look from staff if you do.

Tipping in taxis and hotels

If you’re bopping about the city by taxi, you should only tip a euro or two if you want to. If you’re hiring a car, you should tip valet parking attendants a couple of euros on pick-up and return of your car. If a doorman calls a cab for you, tip a euro or two; and if they carry your bags, tip one euro per bag. For room cleaning, tip a few euros as a ‘thank you’.

General tipping

As a guide, good service should be rewarded with a 7 - 10% tip in Barcelona. If you head out on a walking tour or day trip, you should leave the guide a 5 - 10 euro tip for good service, or a little more if your experience was outstanding.

Staying safe

Barcelona is a lively city. Stay street savvy whilst your away on your holiday.

Here are some tips for your trip to Barcelona:

  1. Leave big amounts of cash and valuables in your hotel safe, and keep an eye on your personal belongings when out and about.
  2. The city is renowned for pick-pockets, particularly along Las Ramblas, so keep bags in front of you.
  3. Although street performers are fun, keep your eyes open; some are scam artists that target tourists specifically.
  4. Try and keep maps out of sight when making your way about the city because you might look like an easier target for pickpockets.
  5. If you head to the beach, don’t leave your valuables on their own when you go for a dip in the sea.

To better prepare for your holiday, read our additional travel advice and the government’s foreign travel advice.

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