Frequently Asked Questions

collapsedshowCan I book longer than a 1 hour Flight Simulator Experience?

Yes, you can book a 1, 2 or 3 hour Flight Simulator Experience.

collapsedshowCan I pay by cash or cheque?

Unfortunately we are unable to accept payment by cash or cheque. We accept most major debit and credit cards. We are unable to accept Diners cards.

collapsedshowDo you sell Flight Simulator Experience gift vouchers?

Yes. Click here to buy a voucher.

collapsedshowAm I able to book a Flight Simulator Experience as a gift for someone else?

Yes, either buy a voucher or book a date. You will be required to give their name, passport number and contact details.

collapsedshowHow many people can enjoy the Flight Simulator Experience?

You may either enjoy the experience exclusively or have one additional guest accompany you. They can either watch or share the flying time with you. For 3 hour experiences a maximum of 3 people are allowed.

collapsedshowCan I bring more than one additional guest into the training complex?

Only Flight Simulator Experience participants will be permitted to enter the training complex. There are no waiting areas apart from the car park.

collapsedshowWhat should I put in the party details, if I want to attend a Flight Simulator Experience on my own?

When asked for additional parties, please repeat your details again.

collapsedshowWhat identification must I produce on arrival?

In the interests of security all participants will be required to provide a current passport or driving licence

collapsedshowWhat if I forget to bring the required identification?

You will not be allowed in and no refund will be given.

collapsedshowCan I bring a camera or video camera?

Photography is permitted at the discretion of your pilot. The use of mobile phones, video cameras or similar recording equipment as well as tripods, lighting etc. is not permitted.

collapsedshowCan I use my mobile phone during the Flight Simulator Experience?

No, you will be required to turn off your mobile phone during the experience due to sensitive equipment aboard the flight simulator. This includes the use of camera phones.

collapsedshowCan I get a refund from a voucher?

Vouchers are refundable within 30 days of purchase, any refund is subject to a £10 administration fee.

After 30 days no refund will be given for a voucher or any booking made with a voucher.

collapsedshowCan I reschedule or cancel a booking?

Yes, rescheduling or cancelling a booking is subject to a £50 charge.

Cancellations within 72 hours or "No Shows" are not refundable. Please refer to our booking terms and conditions.

If you need to reschedule or cancel a booking, you should contact us on 020 8562 3044 or e-mail For rescheduled bookings a voucher valid for 3 months will be issued, which will enable you to book a new time and date.

collapsedshowCan I enter the simulator time into my pilots log book?

Simulator time is not the same as "flight time". Any simulator time that you acquire should be entered into the appropriate section of your log book. British Airways Flight Simulator Experiences are not professional pilot training. They are designed to be "fun experiences". Your Pilot Instructor will not be able to endorse any flight time entered into your log book. Any entries will be at your discretion.

collapsedshowDo you offer pilot training or pre-interview preparation for airline selection?

No, professional pilot training for individuals and pre-interview preparation for airline selection is strictly prohibited.

Airlines and other companies requiring professional pilot training please click here.