Whether you’re a regular or occasional traveller, knowing how to take control in the highly unlikely event of an emergency gives you added confidence in flying.

The British Airways Flight Safety Awareness Course was originally developed for companies that are conscious of Health & Safety and keeping their personnel safe when travelling.

Sadly, with the move to a new training complex, we can no longer offer this course.  However, we can now bring our course to you and offer Flight Safety Awareness Presentations at customer locations, whether that’s in the UK or overseas.  These presentations are delivered by our experienced safety instructors who train our pilots and cabin crew.  They’re designed to enhance confidence in flying by increasing knowledge and awareness of safety procedures.

The typical duration of our Flight Safety Awareness Presentation is approximately 1 hour and 20 minutes and it consists of:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            - - An introduction
- An interactive pre-flight Safety Demonstration
- Information about the importance of individual elements of the pre-flight Safety Demonstration
- The Brace Position
- A Question and Answer session

Delegates will learn:
- To use elements from the Safety Demonstration to formulate an evacuation plan.
- The value of locating their nearest and alternative emergency exit.
- The use of the seat belt and muscle memory techniques.
- The use of the oxygen mask, including an understanding of Hypoxia, the aircraft’s oxygen systems and an emergency descent following a decompression.
- The use of the life jacket, including location, fitting, when to use and when not to use following an aircraft landing on water.
- How to adopt the correct Brace Position with an explanation of its importance and evolution.

A Question and Answer session is factored in but delegates are encouraged to ask questions throughout the presentation and any flight safety topics can be covered.

Our presentations are flexible and the time can be increased with additional safety related subjects added if desired.  They’re normally delivered to an audience size of approximately 20 to 30 delegates. Again, this can be flexible and we can accommodate audience sizes in excess of 100 delegates.

The options and costs of our Flight Safety Awareness Presentation are as follows (All prices shown exclude VAT):

One morning OR one afternoon presentation £700.00
One morning AND one afternoon presentation £1,100.00

One morning OR one afternoon presentation £900.00
One morning AND one afternoon presentation £1,300.00

Other charges may include travelling and transport depending on the distance from Heathrow Airport and also hotel accommodation if required.  If we need to fly anywhere, we just charge the equivalent of the relevant Airport Taxes.

Our Flight Safety Awareness Presentations are informative and entertaining and they ultimately demonstrates just how safe flying actually is!

If you would like any further information on this please contact:

Andy Clubb
Corporate & Media Manager
British Airways Flight Training
Tel: +44 (0) 20 8562 5734
e-mail: andy.clubb@ba.com