Seats in World Traveller.

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We recommend that you reserve your seat as early as possible to get the one you want and to avoid sitting separately from your family or friends.

You may be able to reserve seats for free or have to pay, depending on your circumstances. The easiest way to check is using Manage My Booking.

How to reserve your seat

It's easy to do, either at the time of booking your flight or afterwards through Manage My Booking.

If you have a booking, follow these simple steps:

  1. Log in to Manage My Booking.
  2. Under 'Your booking details', click on your flight number.
  3. Under 'Seating', click on 'View or change seats for this flight' and follow the instructions on screen.

Reserve your seat in Manage My Booking

Do I have to pay?

Whether seat selection is free or costs extra depends on a number of factors, including the type of ticket you purchase, your class of travel and your personal circumstances.

Unless you have booked a Basic ticket (economy, hand baggage only), you can reserve your seat for free when check-in opens (24 hours before departure).

With a Basic ticket (economy, hand baggage only), you can either

  • pay to reserve your seat from the moment you book until check-in opens, or
  • we’ll allocate you a seat for free when check-in opens. You can then pay to change to a different seat, although your choice may be limited.

Please check if you fall into one of the following groups, some of which are able to reserve seats for free.

Paying for a seat

Booking an extra seat for additional personal space

You can buy an extra ticket to keep the seat next to you free, e.g. for additional personal space or to secure a fragile or precious item, such as a musical instrument or painting.

Reserving seats with our partner airlines

If you make a booking on or by calling a British Airways customer centre for a flight operated by American Airlines, Finnair, Iberia or Qantas, you can reserve your seats in Manage My Booking.

If you’re flying with one of our oneworld alliance partners and are an Executive Club Gold/oneworld Emerald Member, a Silver/Sapphire Member, or a Bronze/Ruby Member, you can contact your local British Airways customer centre to reserve a seat for that flight.

In all other cases when you're flying with one of our partner airlines, please contact them directly to reserve your seat.

Please note that you cannot use Avios to pay for seats on flights that are operated by our partner airlines.

If you paid to reserve a seat on a flight operated by any of our partner airlines and would like to get a refund, please contact them directly.