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About Tier Points

Pile of stones on a mountain.

As well as Avios, you’ll collect Tier Points every time you fly with us and our oneworld® partners. Avios unlock your rewards, Tier Points unlock your Club benefits.

Here’s what you need to know about Tier Points:

  • There are four Executive Club Tiers: Blue, Bronze, Silver and Gold
  • Collect Tier points when you fly
  • The more you earn the more you move up the Tiers
  • The higher the Tier, the more benefits you’ll enjoy
  • The Tier Points you earn depends on your ticket type and fare class
Join the Club

Log in to check how many Tier Points you need to move to the next Tier:

My Executive Club

collapsedshowHow do I earn Tier Points?

You’ll earn Tier Points every time you fly with us, our oneworld airline partners and subsidiaries.


Airlines that award Tier Points
American Airlines British Airways Cathay Pacific Comair
Finnair Iberia Japan Airlines Malaysian Airlines
LAN OpenSkies Qantas Qatar
Royal Jordanian S7 Airlines SriLankan Airlines SUN-AIR of Scandinavia
TAM Airlines      

collapsedshowHow many Tier Points will I earn?

This depends on the route, airline and fare class. Long haul flights in premium cabins award the most Tier Points:

  1. Use our flight calculator to calculate how many Tier Points and Avios you’ll collect.
  2. Already booked? See how many points you’ll collect in Manage My Booking under 'passenger information'.


collapsedshowHow many Tier Points do I need for each tier?

Membership tier Tier Points
Blue 0
Bronze 300
Silver 600
Gold 1,500

How to get to each tier


  • Simply fly with us at least twice and earn 300 Tier Points, or
  • Take a total of 25 British Airways flights.


  • Fly with us at least four times and earn 600 Tier Points, or
  • Take a total of 50 British Airways flights.


  • Fly with us at least four times and earn 1,500 Tier Points.

Eligible British Airways flights are:

  • British Airways operated flights, including franchises and BA CityFlyer.
  • British Airways operated flights, including franchises and BA CityFlyer.
  • Flights operated by Iberia, included franchises, with an IB flight number.

Reward flights and industry discounted bookings do not qualify.

collapsedshowWhat happens when I reach the next Tier?

You’ll be awarded that status straight away (it can take up to 48 hours to show on your account). It lasts for the rest of your membership year and the full following membership year, unless you reach the next tier in the meantime.

For example:

  • If you start your Membership year as a Blue Member and earn 300 Tier Points, you’ll become a Bronze Member.
  • You’ll continue to earn Tier Points and if you reach 600 within the same year, you’ll become a Silver Member.
  • Your Tier Points reset to zero at the end of your Membership year but you’ll continue to be a Silver Member for the next Membership year.
collapsedshowDo Tier Points expire and how do they relate to Lifetime Tier Points?

Yes, your Tier Points expire at the end of each membership year – the anniversary of when you joined the Club.

However they will be added to your Lifetime Tier Points, the total Tier Points you’ve ever earned with the Club.

Your membership year-end date and Lifetime Tier Points are on your account page:

Manage my account

collapsedshowWhat if my Tier Points aren't showing on my account?

You must add your Club membership number every time you book a flight. Tier Points for British Airways flights are usually credited soon after you fly. Tier Points for other carriers may take up to four weeks to be processed.

You can claim any missing Tier Points or Avios within six months of your flights using your ticket number.

New Members can claim for British Airways flights taken up to three months before joining.

Can’t find your ticket number? Contact us or your local Service Centre for help.

Claim missing Tier Points