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When a Passenger purchases an “OpenSkies” Ticket, he enters into a contract of carriage with OpenSkies, a subsidiary of British Airways, to travel on a Flight which either OpenSkies or one of its codeshare partners operate. This contract is governed by:

  • The conditions of contract in the Ticket or Itinerary and receipt;
  • Any Tariffs which apply
  • These General Conditions of Carriage
  • British Airways’ or codeshare partner’s regulations

The Carrier undertakes to carry the Passenger to the destination indicated on his/her Ticket, on another of its scheduled services on which a seat is available in the class of service for which the fare has been paid on the nearest date or, at a later date at his/her convenience. In such case, the Carrier will not charge any supplement and, if necessary, will extend the validity of the Ticket.

The Carrier undertakes to reimburse or to get reimbursed the price of the flight Ticket.