British Airways Affiliate Marketing programme

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Start earning today

Welcome to the British Airways Affiliate Marketing programme; sign up today and start earning commission straight away on flights, hotels and car rental bookings made on

This programme is not available for Travel Agents as it is not for sales or distribution. The affiliate scheme is an advertising programme that rewards media or site owners for displaying British Airways affiliate advertisements that link directly to

Commission Structure

If you join you will earn commission on a qualifying transaction, which is a valid flight, holiday, car rental, or hotel booking made on This must be within the cookie period and your link must be the last one used to direct the customer to make their booking on

What you can earn
Shorthaul flight 0.5% of revenue
Longhaul flight 1.25% of revenue
Flight and hotel or flight and car booking 2% of revenue
Hotel booking 2% of revenue
Car rental 2% of revenue
Hotel and car booking 2% of revenue

You will not earn commission on:

  • Domestic flights within the UK.
  • Additional booking fees.
  • If the transaction is not made within the booking engine.
  • If the transaction is completed offline through our call centres.
  • If the transaction is generated by a link that does not contain the correct tracking code.
  • If the booking is cancelled within the month of transaction.

If you own multiple websites you can receive a single payment and report for your commission by using the same identifier code. Or, you may wish to separate the sales of each website by using a different identifier code generating a report and payment for each website.

How do I join?

We run our affiliate programme through different affiliate networks globally. Use the tables below to find out whether an affiliate network operates in your country.

Signing up to the network in your country gives you access to offers specific to your region. Our global tracking solution means that you’ll be paid commission on any valid booking that is made on, regardless of variables such as country site, origin, currency or route.

The networks involved in this programme have different payment schedules; this can be between two and eight weeks so please check the terms and conditions for the network you wish to register with.

If you are interested in joining our programme please read our BA Affiliate Marketing agreement. Once you have read the marketing agreement simply follow the link of the network of your choice and complete the application form. There is no cost and you can change link options or leave the programme at any time, with no obligation.

We are looking for affiliate sites that are:

  • Compatible with
  • Fully operational and functioning offering a streamlined customer journey.
  • Contain no offensive or controversial content.

As an affiliate you must agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of the programme. Please ensure the links on your website are kept up to date and we will take care of the rest. You can change and update your website links at any time, and it is advisable to update your links frequently. Remember to include your affiliate network tracking code in your links to ensure your sales are tracked and your commission is paid. You can monitor your commission daily by logging onto the network that you register with. Orders are tracked through a unique code and this tells that the visitor came from your site.

Please note the following types of promotion are not allowed for the programme:

  • Affiliates are not allowed to use brand or misspellings of brand terms in paid search activity. See our full paid search policy.
  • Incentivisation of bookings through the use of cashback, voucher codes or points without prior permission from British Airways.
  • Use of software.

We will review every application but fully reserve the right to refuse any application at our discretion.

Free links and banners to use

You can use the logo on your site so your customers know they are buying from a reputable source, but you must not amend it in any way. You will find a selection of logos and buttons available once you have signed up to the programme.

You can also choose from an assortment of ads and links to compliment the theme of your website. Links can be found in your affiliate network’s interface and you can add either one or multiple links from your site to

We are here to help you and you should be able to access all the resources you need including merchandising ideas, graphics, links etc through the affiliate network of your choice. Additionally, you can contact BA for more help by e-mailing