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Two girls laughing on plane.

A premium experience

Enjoy an enhanced in-flight experience with World Traveller Plus, our premium economy cabin. You can also discover our Club World cabin or book a first class flight for a luxury experience.

World Traveller Plus at a glance

Flying World Traveller Plus is an exciting upgrade. With fewer rows, the cabin is quieter, more spacious, and more exclusive than World Traveller.

  • Wider seats and more legroom
  • A separate, smaller cabin
  • Two delicious meals and complimentary bar service including signature cocktails or mocktails
  • A personal entertainment system with noise-cancelling headphones
  • A stylish amenity kit made from recycled plastic bottles
  • More free baggage allowance
  • Priority boarding

Delightful dining experience

Man being served a meal in World Traveller Plus.

In World Traveller Plus you can enjoy a glass of sparkling wine after take-off and a starter, main and dessert with our dining service. During your flight we'll deliver snacks, hot, cold and alcoholic drinks to your seat.

In-flight entertainment

Woman sitting with headphones and watching entertainment show on the screen
World Traveller Plus offers a personal flat screen screen and noise-cancelling headphones for every customer, so get lost in our huge library of new releases. 

Hundreds of the latest films, programmes, music, audio books and games
Noise-cancelling headphones
An on-demand service on most flights letting you choose what you want, when you want it

Stay connected to the world below or relax and leave it all behind in our World Traveller Plus cabin. You can lose yourself for hours in a blockbuster film or gripping series thanks to our huge on-demand entertainment library.

You’ll get

  • A personal flat screen and noise-cancelling headphones
  • High-speed Wi-Fi on most aircraft
  • Access to Paramount+ with hundreds of the latest films and shows, as well as music, audio books and games

Double baggage allowance

Two suitcases and a bag

World Traveller Plus’ generous baggage allowance means you can pack more for your trip. Bring both a cabin bag and laptop or handbag on board, as well as up to two bags in the hold.

Some routes and tickets come with an even greater allowance, and extra bags can be added for a fee.

Check baggage allowances

Doorstep baggage pick-up & check-in

Airportr driver scanning customer passport.

AirPortr can collect your baggage from your doorstep, securely transport it to the airport, and check it in for your flight for you. This means that you can travel to the airport luggage-free and head straight to security when you arrive. This service is only available for flights departing from Heathrow, Gatwick, Geneva, Zurich and Vienna.

Treat yourself to the airport lounge

Lounge seating and dining.

Sit back and relax before your flight with Lounge Pass, your key to non-British Airways airport lounges across the globe, no matter what airline you are flying with or cabin you are travelling in. Enjoy light refreshments such as alcohol and food, Wi-Fi and a selection of newspapers and magazines while you wait to board, plus Executive Club Members can collect 5 Avios per £1/€1/$1 spent.

Aircraft variations

Wherever and whenever you fly World Traveller Plus you can expect the same top quality food, drink and premium service by our attentive crew. A few of the cabin design elements may vary by aircraft.