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Reference Month: October 2023
Flights Origin Destination Cancelled Delays (more than 30 min) Delays (more than 60 min)
BA246 São Paulo -Brazil London-United Kingdom 0% 9.68% 0
BA247 Londres-Inglaterra São Paulo-Brazil 6.45% 10.34% 3.45%
BA248 Rio de Janeiro-Brazil Londres-Inglaterra 0% 9.52% 4.76%
BA249 Londres-Inglaterra Rio de Janeiro-Brazil 0% 21.74% 8.7%
BA249 Rio de Janeiro-Brazil Buenos Aires - Argentina 25% 66.67% 0%
BA248 Buenos Aires - Argentina Rio de Janeiro-Brazil 33.33% 50% 50%

British Airways had 31 flights from/to São Paulo, 21 flights from/to Rio de Janeiro, 4 flights from/to Buenos Aires in the month of October 2023. For more information please access:

According to ANAC resolution No 218, from 28 February of 2012, aiming to provide more transparency regarding the quality of their service providing to the passengers we are here by making available the punctuality and cancellation report for the flights operated by British Airways.

Resulting in a more conscious selection of airline.

This report is shown by the latest and most updated version monthly given by ANAC:

  1. The percentage of canceled flights is calculated by the total flights per month.
  2. The percentage for delays flights is calculated based on date and time of arrival on destination, as well as number of flights operated on the month, already considering canceled flights.
  3. The percentage of flights delays and cancellation reflects on the history of flights, which can vary on the following months.
  4. The percentage of delayed and cancelled flights from public aero transport can be found on the site on ANAC.