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Avios for the whole family

Executive Club Membership cards.

Travel should be rewarding, no matter who you're travelling with. That's why, when you enrol your family members in the Executive Club, you can all collect Avios together in a Household Account.

Executive Club Household Account

Avios logo.

Share Avios with your children

Collecting Avios is a great way to reach the destination of your dreams, but what if you don't have enough to get there?

The British Airways Executive Club Household Account lets you and your children pool your Avios, giving you more to spend on rewards when you want them.

The Executive Club Household Account:

  • is free to set up
  • can be used by up to seven members living at the same address
  • is available for your children to join, regardless of age
  • lets any member over 18 years of age spend Avios from the Household Account
  • lets you add seat and meal preferences to everyone's profile, so we know what you like

Your family can enjoy the benefits of The Club membership and earn Tier Points to become Bronze, Silver and Gold Members. Soon you and your family will be able to jet off to your dream destination.

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