A summer adventure in Malta


Patricia: "Hey Guys."

Mike: "This weekend we’re just going to take a nice break um we’re going to go to Malta with BA."

Patricia: "It’s already so, so beautiful, but I think we’ll go for dinner tonight. We’ve just arrived at the Palace Hotel, Malta. It’s really nice here. It’s so amazing. I started feeling a little bit emotional because I was like it was so scenic and beautiful. It’s really strange as I like the way the roads look, like the cobbled streets. I’m such a corn dog."

Patricia: "The sun is shining and the weather is sweet."

Patricia: "It’s so sunny and bright and just lovely and bright now. And erm here is the marina, it’s cute. So this is the bus we’re getting on. We’re going to get on this Malta sightseeing hop on, hop off. Oh and they have ice cream, so I’m going to get an ice cream from here."

Mike: "Now we’re just going to walk over to meet up and er jump on a Segway."

Patricia: "Lean backwards."

Mike: "Lean forward, lean forward."

Patricia: "So easy, I thought I wouldn’t be good at it, but it was really, really easy. What I really, really like is this Maltesese sauce, it’s just delicious. Let’s go pool dip? I’m actually excited about it."

Mike: "You gonna pool dip?"

Patricia: "Yeah, I’m pool dipping."

Mike: "We’re going to make our way to Medina. And then hopefully go abseiling later on, so yeah let’s see how this goes."

Patricia: "Right OK, Oh we’re going to have fun right now, it’s beautiful, it’s absolutely beautiful, it’s insane."

Mike: "So we’ve finished wandering around Medina. Erm and now we’re going to catch a cab and go abseiling."

Mike: "She’s pretty scared, but she’s going to go for it."

Patricia: "I don’t think I can."

Mike: "You can, you can."

Patricia: "I actually can’t."

Mike: "Sweetheart you’re doing brilliant. Nice Instagram photo honey. Think of your, think of your viewers, think of your supporters."

Patricia: "Take the photo really quickly."

Mike: "I have, I’ve taken it."

Patricia: "That was actually really, really fun."

Mike: "Yeah."

Patricia: "I cannot believe I actually liked that."

Mike: "Yeah."

Patricia: "How do you feel babe?"

Mike: "Erm, all right, yeah."

Patricia: "We are back home and we had such a lovely, short getaway don’t you think babe?"