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Find out if belongings left on our flights or in an airport have been handed in and how you can get them back.

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Where did you lose your property?

Any lost items that are found on board an aircraft are handed to the lost property team at the arrival airport.

Similarly, items found in the airport, including in a British Airways lounge, also get handed over to the airport team.

In most airports, this is an airport handling agent and you will need to contact them directly to trace and retrieve your property. You can find contact details for all of our airports globally below.

Unfortunately, we do not have a central lost property team so we are unable to help you further if your property has not been handed in at the airport.

Lost property contacts

Please have your flight details to hand, including the date on which you think you lost your property.

There may be an administrative or storage fee for reclaimed items, as well as postal charges for returning items. If your property has been found, the handling agent will explain any charges.

London Heathrow

For items lost in a British Airways lounge at Heathrow, on board an arriving aircraft or in the terminals, contact Heathrow Airport’s handling agent, Bagport.

Bagport charge for storing lost items and will apply postage and packing charges if you need your property sent back to you.

Bagport Lost Property

London Gatwick

For items left in the British Airways lounge at Gatwick or on board an aircraft, email Gatwick Lost Property, giving the following details:

  • name
  • date of travel
  • flight number
  • seat number (if applicable)
  • item description
  • contact telephone number

Please allow 24 hours for the item to be returned to the Gatwick lost property office before emailing.

For items left anywhere else around the airport, contact London Gatwick's handling agent, the Excess Baggage Company. You will be charged for each item returned. Report and track missing items at

All other airports

Global lost property contact details (pdf, 324kb, English only)

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