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We’ve been involved in travel health for many years and your wellbeing is very important to us. Following these simple tips can make a big difference to how you feel when you arrive at your destination.

Here are some of our helpful hints to ease you through your flight:

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In the air

  • Choose a light meal and drink plenty of water.
  • Moderate your intake of alcohol, tea and coffee.
  • After take-off watch our wellbeing video or listen to the soothing music played on our wellbeing audio channel.
  • Use your eye mask, ear plugs and flight socks provided on longhaul flights. Skincare products are also provided in our premium cabins.
  • Remove contact lenses before going to sleep.
  • Keep applying your moisturiser and avoid dry lips with lip balm.
  • Relax your muscles with gentle stretches or walk up and down the aisle.

Health and wellbeing during your journey

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Before you fly

  • Check in early online so you can relax and enjoy your time at the airport.
  • Remember you’ll be sitting for a long time so take a stroll through the terminal before you board your flight.
  • Keep your skin feeling fresh by applying moisturiser regularly. Understand what products you can take on board by reading our hand baggage page.
  • Try to avoid heavy meals.
  • Moderate your intake of alcohol, tea and coffee from the day before you travel.
  • Wear comfortable clothing.

Sleep and exercise tips

Sleep and gentle exercise on a flight is important to boost your energy levels, helping you to arrive at your destination feeling refreshed.

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Moderating alcohol can be the key to peaceful sleep.

If you’re used to having a night cap at bedtime it can help but avoid excess alcohol as it can cause your sleep pattern to be disturbed.

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If you use caffeine in the right way it can help you manage your sleep more effectively.

Rather than drink it throughout the day, only have it if you’re feeling sleepy and need to stay awake. Avoid having it close to when you want to sleep.

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Strategic napping

Having a nap at any time of the day can help you maintain a healthy lifestyle. If you are travelling to a different time zone work out when you would normally be sleeping and plan to have a nap for 45 mins. This will revitalise you and help you get through to when you need to go to bed and sleep properly.


We don’t recommend using sleep medication during a flight as it may prevent you from following the cabin crew instructions in the unlikely event of an emergency. You may also be too sleepy to move around on the flight, which could increase your risk of circulatory problems.

If you do plan to take medication always keep it in the original packaging, carry enough to last the duration of your trip and bring it in your hand baggage so you have easy access to it. If it is new medication always try it at home first in case you suffer any side effects.

Relaxation exercises to try in the air

Exercise tips.

Once you are on board, take a look at our High Life magazine for additional wellbeing advice. On most flights, you can also watch our wellbeing video with exercises and tips for healthy travelling.

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After landing

  • If you are a Gold Executive Club Member, or travelling in First or Club World, head straight for the Arrivals lounge at London Heathrow to freshen up before leaving the airport.
  • In the arrivals lounges at London Heathrow or New York JFK, visit the Elemis Travel Spa and treat yourself to some exclusive treatments and skin-therapies.
  • When you get to your final destination treat yourself to a massage or gentle swim to enhance your sense of wellbeing.

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