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Disclosure to customers

When making bookings for customers, you must disclose specific details about their travel arrangements.

Details you must disclose:

  • the carrier operating the flight(s). It is a legal requirement that you disclose if a customer is flying on our oneworld alliances or codeshare or franchise carriers
  • Arrival and departure terminals the flights will operate from
    if the journey includes any stops or changes in aircraft
  • if travel is on another carrier, any significant product / procedural differences eg seat size, baggage allowances, check-in times etc.

Details you should also disclose:

Alliance partners

Franchise partners:

Our franchise partners are independent airlines that use our branding and flight codes and also match our standards of customer service and quality.

Codeshare partners:

Our codeshares use their own aircraft, crew, livery and carry BA code as well as the their own carrier code. This is shown alongside the flight number when making a booking.