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Shorthaul fares

We have simplified our fare structure for customers travelling in shorthaul economy, offering Basic, Plus and Plus Flex fares, each with increasing levels of flexibility.

Basic offers customers the option of a reduced fare if they are travelling with hand baggage only. Customers with these fares will be allocated a seat at check in, or they can pay to choose their seat at any time. Free seat selection is available for Bronze, Silver and Gold Executive Club Members. Flights can be changed for a fee (plus fare difference).

Plus caters for customers wanting flexibility at an affordable price with a 23kg checked baggage allowance. This fare allows free seat selection from 48 hours prior to departure and free flight changes on the day of departure.

Plus Flex is our fully flexible fare giving complete control to change when and where to fly and includes a 23kg checked baggage allowance.

collapsedshowBenefits of each fare product

There are different attributes and benefits depending on the fare product booked:

Basic Plus Plus Flex

Change fee + fare difference

Change fee + fare difference
*Free changes on the day*

No change fee, fare difference may apply (including change of route)
*Free changes on the day*



Full refund

Avios and Tier Points can be collected

Avios and Tier Points can be collected

Avios and Tier Points can be collected

Allocated seating at check-in^

Pay for seat selection at any time

^Free seat selection for Bronze, Silver and Gold Executive Club Members

Free seat selection from 48 hours prior to departure

Pay for seat selection at any time

Free seat selection from time of booking

No checked baggage allowance

23kg checked baggage allowance

23kg checked baggage allowance

Fare basis code identifier: Z0  

Fare basis code identifier: V2

Fare basis code identifier: V3

*Subject to availability. Not available within 1 hour of original departure time. Only available on simple point-to-point A-B or A-B-A journeys.

Basic fares are available on limited open jaw journeys. Plus, and Plus Flex fares allow open jaws and end-on-end construction. See fare rules for exact conditions. Note that the 'free change on the day’ is available on A-B or A-B-A journeys only.

The fares and rules for Basic, Plus and Plus Flex are filed in the public tariff. The fare basis codes identify the fare product. Because Basic and Plus fares are bookable in the same booking classes, Branded Fares pricing entries should be used to specify the fares you wish to quote, or to upsell to the more flexible Plus fares.

Branded Fares codes
Shorthaul brand name Brand code
Plus BAG

collapsedshowEligible booking classes
Shorthaul fare ladder including Domestic routes
  London Heathrow / London City / London Gatwick
Booking class Basic Plus Plus Flex
collapsedshowShorthaul additional price points

We have introduced additional price points on British Airways operated shorthaul economy journeys, for Plus and Basic fares only. This means there will be more prices within each booking class.

Find out more



collapsedshowBasic fares (previously Hand Baggage Only fares)

For Executive Club Members that have purchased a Basic fare, the zero-hold baggage allowance also applies. To be entitled to their additional baggage allowance; a Plus or Plus Flex fare should be purchased.

Customers that subsequently decide to take a hold bag on a Basic fare, will need to purchase a bag in advance in Manage My Booking on

Find out more about baggage and excess baggage charges on

Customers arriving at the airport with checked baggage on a Basic fare will be charged standard extra baggage rates.

In order to sell Basic fares, you must:

  • disclose that Basic fares do not include a baggage allowance, ie zero baggage allowance.
  • continue to offer the standard fare which includes a baggage allowance.
  • provide the customer email address in the PNR. 


Seat assignment for Basic tickets

All customers booking a Basic fare will be allocated a seat at check-in (24 hours before departure). Basic fare customers can choose their own seat for a fee in advance if they wish to, either at time of booking or when checking in online on 

Customers travelling with infants or those with additional needs will still be able to choose their seats for free at the time of booking.

When travelling on Basic and Plus fares, Bronze Members can select their seat for free, seven days before departure and Silver and Gold Members for free at the time of booking.

All other customers travelling on Basic fares, can choose their seat for a fee or will be allocated a seat 24 hours before departure.

Find out more about reserving seats in advance on

You should ensure customers are aware of the policy regarding allocated seating on Basic fares.

collapsedshowChanges on the day

With Plus or Plus Flex fares, flights marketed and operated by British Airways can be changed for free on the same day to an early or later available flight. The customer’s original flight and the flight they change to; must both be within 00:00 and 23:59 local time of the departure airport. At least 1 hours' notice must be given prior to the scheduled departure time.

The routing (origin and destination airports) must remain unchanged. Routing or date changes may incur fare and/or tax differences, as usual.

Changes are subject to availability on the new flight in the same cabin as the original flight. Free changes on the day are only available to Plus fare customers (fare basis code identifier V2) and Plus Flex fare customers (fare basis code identifier V3) travelling on Shorthaul or Domestic point-to-point routes. Free change on day is not available on open jaw  journeys (e.g. PAR-LHR-AMS)

Free changes on day are not specified in the fare rules in your GDS, due to the special conditions and process. However, the feature is listed in the Brand Attributes for Plus and Plus Flex fares using ATPCo Branded Fares.


  • Make a new booking in the same cabin on the new flight. If the original booking class is not available, book into Y or J class. Do not remove the originally booked sector.
  • Add the appropriate SK or OSI keyword (as per GDS entries below) This will generate automatically a message to our queue. We will force book into the original fare class and revalidate the ticket. The booking status will change to KK. 
  • An SSR message will be generated back to the agent to confirm.



If you queue the booking to us to make free change to a Plus or Plus Flex booking, you should NEVER cancel the original segment that is being changed. This is required so that the free change on the day process can identify the original flight and the original booking class. Once the process completes the change, the original segment will automatically be removed so that the itinerary matches the newly revalidated ticket.

If a customer wishes to make a change on the day after checking in, you must offload the customer from the flight. Find out more

Once you have received confirmation from us that the customer has been offloaded, you can follow the process above. Alternatively, the customer can make the change at the airport. If the customer has checked in a bag, the change must be made at the airport.

GDS entries – Branded fares & free changes on the day