Agency discount tickets

Agency discount tickets

We offer annual rebate concessions to appointed agents, provided a full IATA Accreditation has been held for more than 12 months and you have a British Airways ticketing authority.

Agency discount falls under IATA Resolution 880 (Reduced Fares for Accredited Passenger Sales Agents) and applies to travel agents with a 912 or 352 IATA prefix only.

Annual allowance Rebate
2 AD75 tickets for international travel 75% rebate for eligible employees
1 AD50 ticket for international travel 50% rebate for spouse of eligible employee

collapsedshowHow to make an AD booking

We have a dedicated website in partnership with Lime Management that will enable qualified travel agents to seamlessly manage their AD75/AD50 bookings, payment and ticketing online.

Please note there will be a $35 (USD or CAD) £20 or €25 per person per ticket charge levied by Lime Management for making AD75/AD50 bookings. This fee is not refundable.

In order to use the AD75/50 website, qualified travel agents must first register online via and you will be sent a user name and password by email. The user name and password will give you access to the website and allow you to make AD75 /AD50 bookings online. 

For queries about registration process or website, email 
Alternative contact methods can be found at

collapsedshowKey benefits

There are several benefits of making AD75 and AD50 bookings online. You can:

  • check real-time availability
  • obtain instant fare quotes online
  • pay for bookings online using credit cards
  • issue etickets
  • cancel bookings online
  • get instant refunds of unused Agent Discount tickets (to the original form of payment) online
  • review previous AD75/AD50 bookings made online
  • access the website 24/7
  • access offline phone plus live chat support
  • benefit from no online cancellation fee for AD75/AD50 bookings.*

For queries about registration process or website, email 
There is also a FAQ document available at via the top navigation bar.

*The £20 or €25 per person per ticket charge applied by Lime Management for making AD75/AD50 bookings is non-refundable.

collapsedshowFranchise, codeshare and other carriers

Bookings on codeshare services or other carriers cannot be used in conjunction with British Airways AD travel vouchers. Application for AD travel on these services must be made separately direct to the operating carrier and details of confirmation of AD travel authority must be retained by the agency. Any requests submitted for an itinerary containing other flight carriers will be rejected.

collapsedshowTerms and Conditions
  1. The £20 or €25 per person per ticket charge is applied by Lime Management for making AD75/AD50 bookings. (This fee is not refundable).
  2. It is understood that use by anyone other than the eligible agent for AD50/AD75 (as applicable) travel on British Airways is strictly prohibited.
  3. The AD voucher is not transferable. The terms and conditions are subject to change and this authorisation is valid for British Airways routes only, including franchise services. The AD vouchers are only valid for travel and ticket issue in the year in which they are issued.
  4. Travel must originate from a British Airways gateway.
  5. There is no waitlist/standby facility for AD travel, open dated tickets are not permitted. 
  6. AD50/AD75 fares do not qualify for Commission or Money Collection Payment. 
  7. When a flight becomes heavily booked, the passenger using rebated travel may be downgraded or offloaded. 'Firm' travel is not guaranteed. 
  8. Routing/Re-routing: Travel on these fares is permitted via the services of British Airways (and the specific partner/franchise flights with BA flight numbers outlined below) only. 
  9. One change is permitted on the inbound portion of the journey at a charge of $35, £20 or €25 as applicable. 
  10. Cancellation Penalty: No refund charge applies with the online booking process.
  11. Stopovers permitted based on appropriate fare rule being used.
  12. Advance seat assignments, and wait-listing are NOT permitted.
  13. AD75/50 fares are not commissionable.
  14. All travel must be completed within 3 months of outbound travel date.
  15. Where spouse travels at AD50, both passengers must travel outbound together but can return on different dates.
  16. AD tickets are not eligible for Avios or Tier Points.
  17. Partners/franchise flights with BA flight numbers
    AD75/50 not valid on: Loganair, Sunair - travel agents must apply directly to these carriers for agent discounts.
  18. Codeshare flights: No AD75/50 travel allowed on BA/OAL codeshares ie BA/IB codeshare.
  19. Child/Infant discount not permitted.
  20. This fare may not be used in conjunction with any other discount coupon, promotion, or free and reduced rate transportation for travel agents and/or tour conductors.
  21. No exceptions to these conditions permitted.
  22. All government taxes and fees are the responsibility of the agent and are not included in the original ticket price. PFC's do not apply to AD75 travel.

If you are a cargo agent requesting Agency Discount travel, you should contact your local IAG Cargo office for further assistance.