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Disruption notification

For operational reasons beyond our control, we sometimes have to cancel or delay our flights. We want to inform customers as soon as we can, but need your help with their contact details.

By supplying email addresses and mobile numbers in your bookings, we can contact customers prior to their disrupted flight and make alternative arrangements if required. This will help to minimise any inconvenience at the airport as well as at their destination.

Our automated process uses contact information you have added into the PNR and if there are significant changes to flights departing within 48 hours, we attempt to send an email or SMS to notify affected customers.

We will not send marketing communications to customers, as contact details will only be used for updates or servicing bookings that have already been made.

collapsedshowHow to update customer contact details

We recommend you add the customer’s mobile number and email address into bookings instead of your own, so if disruption occurs outside your working hours, the customer is notified as soon as we send a message, rather than you having to pass the information on. We should be able to save time for both you and your customer if we can notify them directly.

If you’d like to, you can still add your own agency details as an OSI entry, but for the customer to receive the notification directly from us, we need details in the required formats:


GDS Example entry to add mobile number (or AP-M) Example entry to add email address (or APE)
Amadeus SK CTCM BA-447777123456 SK CTCE
Galileo SI.BA*CTCM.447777123456 SI.BA*CTCE.john.smith// (if email address contains an underscore _  this should be entered as space U space ie " U ")
Worldspan 3OSI BA CTCM.447777123456 3OSI BA CTCE.john.smith//
Sabre 3OSI BA CTCM.447777123456 3OSI BA CTCE.john.smith// (if email address contains an underscore _ this should be entered as space U space ie " U ")


collapsedshowCustomers we will not notify

There are some customers we’re unable to send disruption notification to, including bookings where:

  • the Minimum Connection Time has broken
  • there are ground products (eg hotels and/or car-hire) as well as flights in the PNR
  • there is a TCP in the PNR (ie the booking is linked to another booking)
  • there are special SSRs in the PNR (eg MEDA)
  • Group bookings

Of course, we'll keep you updated on any disruption, so as well as contacting the customer, we will send you a message via your GDS. We will update bookings as much in advance as possible and you may receive this more than 48 hours prior to the flight departing.

Customers can also update their own mobile number and email address, as well as their Advanced Passenger Information using Manage My Booking on

Customer Guidelines

During disruption, we may issue specific Customer Guidelines for affected bookings which will detail our rebooking policy. You can find these on and you can also subscribe to receive our BA Updates by email.

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Where we haven't issued specific guidelines and for general disruption to flights, our Standard Customer Guidelines apply.

View our Standard Customer Guidelines