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Online check-in restrictions

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We have some restrictions in place which means some customers may be unable to use online check-in.

There are more than 9 passengers in the booking
There is a child travelling alone in the booking
There are 2 passengers on the same PNR with the same surname and first initial
Advanced Passenger Information (API) has not been completed in the booking
The booking has 10 or more live flights at the time of check in
 There are waitlisted or standby passengers in the booking
 The flight is not marketed or operated by BA/AA/AY/IB/JL/QF/US/VY
 There are RTAG/ RIR/ RMA/ RMB etc remarks in the PNR
 There is a Eurostar (9F) segment in the PNR
There has been a schedule change where the e-ticket has not been revalidated
The eticket is unmatched in the PNR
The flight segment is unconfirmed
The flight segment has an invalid status
Online check-in on the route (or part of the route) has not been enabled
The booking contains the same name or a similar name that has not been approved by US immigration authorities
The flight is not available for check-in within our internal airport system (this may subsequently open for check-in)
The passenger has been selected for security screening in our internal airport system
The booking contains a priority comment in our internal airport system
The passenger has used online check-in already for the flight and tried to use online check-in again for the same flight. (e.g. you have requested an offload to other coupons on the same ticket)
There has been a last minute reissue so the correct ticket number is not reflected in our internal airport system

Connecting flights and codeshare

We recommend customers use the first operating carrier's website for online check-in. Customers with a British Airways booking reference should be able to through check in on for a BA flight onto a connecting flight, provided there is no stopover.

If the 1st sector is operated by AA/AY/IB/JL/QF/US/VY, we will link to the relevant carrier's website for online check-in.
If the 1st sector is operated by all other carriers (not listed above) and connecting onto a BA flight, will advise customers to go onto the carrier's website to check in for the BA connecting flight.

We can link customers to the operating carrier's website for online check-in if BA* is booked for codeshare flights. For non-BA* bookings, customers may still be able to use which should link through to the operating carrier's website for online check-in. Customers can also use their booking reference from the operating carrier on the relevant carrier's website.

Individual carriers are responsible for problems or queries with online check in on their website.


Connections for customers travelling on separate tickets

Customers travelling on separate tickets will only be accepted for through check-in (ie through-tickets) if they are in the same booking/PNR.

Customers travelling on separate tickets issued in separate bookings will not be accepted for through check-in, regardless of which carriers they are connecting on to, including British Airways or oneworld partners.

Ticket type Separate tickets issued in same booking: is check-in possible? Separate tickets issued in different bookings: is check-in possible?

All British Airways 125 tickets



Combination of British Airways 125 and oneworld partner tickets



All oneworld tickets



Tickets issued by airlines with non-members of the oneworld alliance




Customers can through check-in and through check-in their bags and minimum connecting times apply. If there are delays or disruption at the transfer point, we will apply our standard customer guidelines for delayed flights, which may include rebooking on to alternative flights.

Customers cannot through check-in if they are travelling with separate tickets for onward travel from the transfer point. Customers should collect their baggage at the transfer point & check in again for their onward flight. Customers should allow extra time for the transfer as minimum connecting times will not apply. If there are delays or disruption at the transfer point, we will not be responsible for rebooking customers as they hold separate contracts for each part of their journey.


Scenario Eligible for through check-in

Interline journey on one ticket number in a single booking



oneworld interline journey on two ticket numbers in a single booking

LHR-DOH (BA) - Ticket 1
DOH-BKK (QR) - Ticket 2
Single PNR: AB12CD


Non oneworld interline journey on two ticket numbers in a single booking

LHR-SIN (BA) - Ticket 1
SIN-BKK (SQ) - Ticket 2
Single PNR: AB12CD


Two ticket numbers in a 2 different bookings

GLA-LON (BA) - Ticket 1
LON-JFK (BA) - Ticket 2
Two PNRs: AB12CD and 34EFGH