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Behind the Design

We’ve had a design team at British Airways for over 50 years, a team that is passionate about design and the impact it has on you.

We are inspired by the classic British traits of understated elegance and attention to detail so you’ll find our cabins have a distinctly British look whilst retaining a contemporary feel.

Every detail is designed with one thing in mind - to make you feel special.



Timeless British style in luxurious surroundings.

Your First experience rivals the stylish and intimate look and feel of a flight in your own private jet. This new flagship experience for British Airways offers unrivalled service, meticulous attention to detail and an elegant setting. Your journey in First promises a truly unforgettable experience.


Cabin Lighting

Our soft LED lighting gently adjusts to the time of day to help you relax, acclimatise and avoid jetlag.

Your double window provides a wonderful sensation of space, with an electronic blind that can be adjusted at the touch of a button, allowing you to have complete control of the amount of natural light flowing through your window.


Private Suite

Our new First suite is your sanctuary in the sky, with state-of-the-art technology, exceptional personal touches and peaceful surroundings. Your private suite features a wider bed and wider chair without disturbing the quality and feeling of the space.



Your multi-purpose table can be folded out effortlessly from its vertically stowed position. Trimmed in dark Italian leather and reminiscent of a traditional writing desk, it allows you to work, read and dine in comfort.

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In-flight Entertainment

Lose yourself in an endless selection of the latest films, documentaries, television series, music, audio books and games.

Enjoy a crystal-clear picture through your generous 15in screen and crisp sound through your noise-cancelling headphones.

View content from your laptop, iPod or digital camera on your large screen using your USB port and RCA jack.

Suite Control

Adjust your seat, lighting and personal entertainment system, all from the comfort of your seat.

Your personal control unit allows you to fully adjust your seat, providing the most comfortable position throughout your flight. Simply adjust the dial to move the seat in any position from upright to a fully flat 198cm (6ft 6in) bed.

You can also adjust your personal headrest, lumbar support, window blinds and lighting from your suite.


The design guarantees our most comfortable seat yet. With its lower position, greater recline and padded armrests it gives you the right support for every posture. When you choose to sleep your seat reclines seamlessly, extending the width of the bed; this is 60% wider at the shoulders than its predecessor.


Club World

A spacious haven of calm and tranquility.

The luxurious comfort and exceptional service of your business class experience is designed to make every journey a pleasure, whether you choose to work or relax on board.


Cabin Lighting

A soft honey glow illuminates your Club World cabin through the use of special filters and focal lamps. This creates a warm and inviting ambience that is conducive to both working and relaxing.



Harking back to the days of old-school travel, your Club World seat functions effortlessly as your favourite armchair, dining table and office, with your comfort our number one priority. Most importantly, your Club World seat adapts to a 183cm (6ft) fully flat bed, giving you a comfortable and relaxed night’s sleep.


In-Flight Entertainment

Your generous 10.4in touch screen located above your table, is perfect for enjoying the on-demand entertainment.  Noise cancelling headphones will only enhance the experience.

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Your fully adjustable footstool works in harmony with your seat to give you the most comfortable combination possible. It offers three positions; flat to support your feet when relaxing, angled to support your seat when in Z-bed position and high to form the end of your flat bed.

Power Socket

Whether your laptop, camera and other personal electronic devices have UK, US or European plugs, you can connect them to your personal in-seat power socket during the flight.

Privacy Screen

Your electronic privacy screen is easily operated at the touch of the button, separating your neighbour’s seat from your own. Its revolutionary design gives you complete privacy, while cabin crew can see diagonally through it if necessary, for example when checking your neighbour’s seat belt fastening.

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Storage Areas

To maximize your legroom, you can keep your laptop and other items safely in your own personal storage drawer. This is located next to your feet in front of you, so is easily accessible.


Your multi-purpose ultra-slim writing table folds out completely when you wish to work or dine. Alternatively, you can unfold it halfway to form a smaller cocktail table, or slide it to one side to create more space, for example when you wish to move around the cabin.

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Thanks to its increased recline and lower position, your Club World seat allows you to lie back when you please, even for take-off. It also adapts to offer you the best position for dining, working and sleeping. You’ll therefore feel comfortable and relaxed from the moment you board your flight.


Club Europe

A business class experience with unique personal touches.

With a spacious cabin, contoured leather seat with a guaranteed window or aisle and impeccable service, our shorthaul business class experience gets your journey off to a luxurious start.


Elegantly trimmed in fine leather, your ergonomically designed seat is supremely comfortable, with its contoured shape providing unrivalled support. Generous personal space, an adjustable headrest and a seat with recline all enhance your business class experience.

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Your personal fold-away table is the perfect size for working, reading or dining and can be easily accessed when you need it.

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World Traveller Plus

A tranquil ambiance and relaxing setting lies at the heart of our World Traveller Plus experience.

Enter your World Traveller Plus cabin and you’ll instantly feel like you are stepping into a premium environment. A more spacious seat, quieter cabin, soft LED lighting and attentive service adds a certain je ne sais quoi to your longhaul journey.


Intimate Cabin

Sit back and relax in the comfort of our small intimate cabin which guarantees a quieter, more serene atmosphere that promotes a truly restful experience.


In-Flight Entertainment

Our on-demand entertainment system boasts the latest audio and video capabilities, with your personal 10.6in touch screen 60% larger than previous models. Coupled with our noise reducing headphones your audio and video experience is exceptionally crisp and crystal-clear.

Cocktail Table

You’ll find a handy cocktail table between each seat. As well as offering additional space, it’s an ideal size for resting drinks and other items throughout your flight.


Contemporary and stylish yet understated, your World Traveller Plus seat offers you a wider seat and more personal space than its World Traveller counterpart and harmonizes beautifully with the cabin. Your seat cushion, with its hammock-style headrest, increased recline, footstall and composite seat foam, is designed to relieve pressure points and the soft seatback covers contribute to your overall comfort.

World Traveller

Expect a relaxed setting, exceptional signature service and an enjoyable experience.

Our longhaul economy cabin offers all the comforts and benefits you’d expect from British Airways, at outstanding value for money. You’ll find beautiful finishes and luxurious touches you won’t have experienced in other economy cabins.

Contemporary Cabin

Your wellbeing is at the forefront of our minds when designing our World Traveller cabin. It has a contemporary look and feel, with an understated elegance designed to encourage a calm state of mind.

In-Flight Entertainment

Select from a varied range of over 200 audio and visual on-demand entertainment options, including the latest movies, television programmes, music, games and audio books. Your seat comes equipped with an on-demand personal touch screen.

You can also use your own personal electronic devices in tandem with the entertainment system thanks to the USB port, as well as an in-seat power socket to power your devices during the flight.



Your seat is ergonomically designed and comes with an adjustable headrest, lumbar support and recline.

Euro Traveller

Travel to the most conveniently located airports and enjoy our famous signature touches.

Experience a fantastic service, comfortable seats and a relaxed atmosphere in our European economy cabin. With no hidden charges Euro Traveller is outstanding value for money.


Your Euro Traveller cabin is designed to provide a peaceful and relaxing environment, with fresh white walls and neutral tones promoting an atmosphere of relaxation.

Your seat is trimmed in blue leather and reclines at the touch of a button to help you find your most comfortable position.

Generous personal space and an adjustable headrest further enhance your comfort and wellbeing.

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