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Going on holiday is an exciting time full of new experiences, a change of pace and beautiful scenery. While relaxing is all part of the enjoyment, it's important not to let your guard down completely to ensure safe travels.

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Travel Aware

We recommend that you check the Travel Aware advice for up-to-date information from the Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office. You'll find useful tips on how to stay safe so you can make informed decisions when you're travelling abroad. You can register for email alerts specific to the destination you’re travelling to.

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Health advice

You should only travel if you are fit to travel and able to participate in all part of the services that you have booked to undertake. You will need to comply with the health requirements of your destination, as well as prove that you have any necessary vaccinations for your travel arrangements. Consult your doctor about any health requirements for your destination beforehand and visit IATA Travel Centre to find out what vaccinations you'll need.

Should you need to take any medication with you, check before travel that you are allowed to take it into the country you are visiting. Some countries do not permit certain medicines even though they may be widely accepted in your own country. Take any paperwork or authorisation from your doctor that may be required.

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Take care abroad

Millions of people travel the world each year and enjoy trouble-free trips, but crimes against people and property are a fact of life. Take the same responsibility for your own safety abroad as you would do at home. Here are some useful tips:

  • Use credit cards where possible to avoid carrying excessive amounts of cash or travellers cheques.
  • Use the hotel’s safety deposit box if there is one.
  • Lock your door even when you’re inside your room, and when you leave make sure you close and lock your windows, doors and balconies.
  • Don’t walk around poorly lit areas and beaches after dark, and don’t feel embarrassed about crossing the road if you feel uneasy about someone in the street.
  • Try to use only registered or official taxis, so ask the hotel for guidance.
  • Drink responsibly.

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