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Rewarding a lifetime of membership

Sunset on the beach.

With some of the most exciting changes we’ve ever made to the Executive Club now underway, we’re delighted to take this opportunity to show our Members just how much their membership means to us.

A new way to recognise our Members

We’re now giving Tier Points earned in the past, real value in the present. So in addition to annual Tier Points, we’re going to recognise and reward Members for their entire membership with Lifetime Tier Points – that’s all the Tier Points earned from the very first day of membership.

Members will be able to see their Lifetime Tier Points balance whenever they log in to their accounts or receive emails from us.

Recognising Lifetime Tier Points like this lets us show all our Members how much we value their entire membership – past, present and future. 

It also gives every Member of the Club the chance to accumulate enough Lifetime Tier Points to achieve the new rewards we’ll be introducing in the future – starting with the launch of Gold membership for life.

Feel proud to belong

This celebration of lifetime membership will now live at the heart of everything we do. Thank you for choosing to fly with us.

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Frequently asked questions

collapsedshowWhat are Lifetime Tier Points?

What are Lifetime Tier Points and how are they calculated?

Lifetime Tier Points are calculated as the accumulative total amount of Tier Points you have earned from the date of joining the Executive Club. You will earn Tier Points on almost all flights with British Airways and our partner airlines, depending on your journey, class of travel and fare type.

Where can I see my Lifetime Tier Point balance?

You can view your current Lifetime Tier Point balance when you log into your Executive Club account on or on the British Airways mobile app.

When does Lifetime Tier Point calculation date back to?

The Lifetime Tier Point calculation includes all Tier Points earned since the introduction of Tier Points within the Executive Club programme.

What if I feel my Lifetime Tier Point balance is incorrect?

You can claim Tier Points through British Airways and oneworld® airline partners. New Members, who joined in the last six months, are able to claim missing Avios and Tier Points from British Airways flights taken in the last three months. Members of six months or more are able to claim Tier Points and Avios from British Airways and oneworld airline partner flights, taken in the last six months.

What if I am missing Tier Points for flights taken more than six months ago?

You cannot claim missing Tier Points for flights taken six months ago as an existing Member or three months for new Members. The Lifetime Tier Point balance is correct based on the flights that we have recorded on your account.

collapsedshowHow will Lifetime Tier Points affect my annual membership?

What’s the difference between my annual Tier Points and Lifetime Tier Points?

Your Lifetime Tier Points is the cumulative total of your annual Tier Points since you joined the Executive Club, and any Tier Points earned from now on will be added to your Lifetime Tier Point balance. We will continue to reset your Tier Points at the end of each year but your Lifetime Tier Points will remain and always be visible on your account page. Lifetime Tier Points do not help you move through the Executive Club tiers.

Does this affect my annual membership year?

No. There are no changes to the way that you earn Tier Points and status in your membership year. We will continue to reset your Tier Points at the end of each year but your Lifetime Tier Points will remain and always be visible on your account page.

What do you earn with Lifetime Tier Points?

With Lifetime Tier Points you will earn the following benefit:

  • When you've earned 35,000 Lifetime Tier Points, you will receive Gold membership for as long as you are a Member of the Club

How will I know what benefits I am entitled to?

We will calculate your Lifetime Tier Points for you. If you are eligible for any benefits we will let you know. You can track your Lifetime Tier Point balance on your Executive Club account page on

Can I pool my Household Accounts Tier Points together?

No this remains unchanged, only an individual Member can earn Tier Points.