Optional extras

As a full service airline we include most things you will need for your journey as part of your ticket price, but there are a few extra things that we charge for.

This page gives you a summary of these optional extras with links to more information on ba.com

Optional extra charges on BA* codeshare flights operated by other airlines may differ from British Airways’ charges. For details please visit the operating airline’s website.

Find out more about American Airlines' optional extra charges

Find out more about Iberia's optional extra charges

Promotional upgrades

British Airways on occasion may offer promotional upgrades, either through Manage My Booking or on departure at the airport. Should an upgrade promotion be available, the price offered will be between $79-$1299.

Unaccompanied children

Unaccompanied children.

We offer a Skyflyer Solo service for children who travel on our flights unaccompanied. This must be booked if a child is travelling alone between the ages of 5 and 12 years. 

Although the Skyflyer Solo service cannot be booked online, detailed information about it can be found on ba.com. There is also a useful link to the phone numbers of our contact centres for making a booking.

Children travelling alone



On all our flights you are entitled to a free baggage allowance which will depend on the the class you travel in onboard and the type of ticket you book.

You can take extra bags with you for a charge. In most circumstances you can save money by buying your extra allowance online in advance.

Charges for extra baggage

If your bag is larger or heavier than the free baggage allowance you may be charged extra.

Charges for overweight baggage

Charges for oversized baggage



All our available seats at the time of check-in are free for everyone from 24 hours before your flight departs.

However you may prefer to choose your seat as soon as you make your booking and there could be a charge for this.  Our seating guide will give you more details on any applicable charges.

Seating policy

Medical clearance

Medical clearance.

Many people with existing medical conditions are able to fly without difficulty. Most medical cases are straightforward but others require individual assessment. In some instances, we may ask that you travel with a medical escort or with supplementary oxygen (for which a charge is made).

We have detailed guidelines for customers on ba.com as well as contact information for our Passenger Medical Clearance Unit who can help with any queries you may have about a journey.

Medical information



If you would like to travel with your pet then it must be booked as cargo and travel in the hold. The charges for transporting pets will vary based on the size of container needed, the weight of your pet and the distance being travelled. Our charges will be quoted when you reconfirm your flights.

More detailed information about transporting animals can be found on the website of our cargo company, IAG Cargo.

IAG Cargo