Going All In

28 March 2018

Writer Aaron Sorkin’s directorial debut Molly’s Game tells the true story of Molly Bloom who went from Olympic hopeful to helming world’s most exclusive high-stakes poker games in New York and LA. Based on Bloom’s autobiography, we see her meteoric rise to crowned poker princess – a role that soon draws the interest of the FBI. Jessica Chastain gives a powerhouse performance as the poker princess whose job entails delicately handling sexual advances, male egos, sensitive information and millions of dollars. “The thing that really fascinated me is that she was a creation that society made. Everything about Molly was groomed,” explains Chastain. “Molly learned early on that if she presented herself in a certain way, rich and powerful men would pay more attention to what she had to say.” A demonstration of the patriarchal nature of society, especially amongst the upper classes, the release of Molly’s Game couldn’t be better timed. “I’m incredibly inspired by Aaron [Sorkin],” says Chastain. “For his directorial debut he could have told any story he wanted. But he decided to write about this woman and her fight against the patriarchy.”