A Life Less Ordinary

28 March 2018

Riding high on the musical renaissance wave, started by La La Land in 2016, comes The Greatest Showman. This hearty, family-friendly rags-to relative-riches biopic centres around P.T. Barnum (played by Hugh Jackman) – the unstoppable force behind one of the most celebrated circuses in 1800s’ America. The movie follows Barnum’s humble, impoverished beginnings, through struggles to support his wife and children in a soon-to-be-bankrupt shipping office. Then comes the brazen launch of his infamous ‘show’, featuring the legendary believe-it-or-not attractions Tom Thumb, Dog Boy, Tattoo Man and the Bearded Lady, all with their own captivating back stories. Jackman is on truly sparkling form, with a fantastic supporting cast to match. And the energy and spirit behind the infectious musical scenes in this joyful film cannot be overstated. They are sure to leave you smiling in your seat.