Tis the season

1 December 2017

Get into the spirit of the season with our selection of classic Christmas films playing on board.

Perhaps the most classic of all is 1946 movie It’s a Wonderful Life. Funny and poignant, it’s a feel-good film that will have you weeping happy tears.

If you’re a sucker for a romance then surely both ensemble cast comedy Love Actually and home-swap style rom-com The Holiday will be compulsory viewing.

For belly laughs there’s nothing better than watching Arnold Schwarzenegger take on Christmas shoppers as a dad hell-bent on purchasing an action figure for his son in Jingle all the Way.

And if you want action with a dash of festive spirit then Die Hard is the film for you. The first in the long-running franchise sees Bruce Willis as NYPD’s John McClane who must rescue several hostages, one being his estranged wife, from being held captive by terrorist Hans Gruber.