1 September 2017

We have some of this year’s finest examples of home-grown cinema playing on board, including Hampstead and My Cousin Rachel, which is based on the true story of Harry Hallowes, a homeless man who built a shack on Hampstead Heath and lived there for two decades.

In Hampstead, Mr Hallowes becomes Donald Horner and is portrayed by a gruff yet loveable Brenden Gleeson. A love interest in for the form of American widow Emily (Diane Keeton), stumbles upon his humble abode and both their lives are changed for the better.

However, in My Cousin Rachel the course of love does not run smooth at all. The atmospheric 19th Century drama follows Philip, an impressionable young man who is seduced by the woman accused of causing his cousin’s death. Leads Sam Claflin and Rachel Weisz are mesmerising in this brilliant example of British cinema.