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3 July 2017

This month BA is commemorating Jane Austen, a gem in the British literary canon, with several film and TV adaptations and audio readings of her work playing on board.

Austen is wildly regarded as one of the greatest writers in British history; her fiction, which often revolves around the affairs of the upper classes, is brimming with wit and social commentary. Austen published four novels during her short life (and two posthumously), the first being Sense and Sensibility in 1811 followed by Pride and Prejudice in 1813. The latter Austen referred to as her ‘own darling child’ and is quite possibly the most popular of Austen’s repertoire.

Nonetheless, both these novels have been reworked for the silver screen and both are playing on board. Austen’s oeuvre is pitched against that of Emily Bronte’s in TV show Intelligence Squared: The Queen of English Literature Debate.

Still not had your fill of Austen? Sit back, relax and listen to a reading one of Austen’s posthumous published works, Northanger Abbey, or delve her life story with audio programme Jane Austen: A Biography.