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Extended In-flight Entertainment

01 January 2013

British Airways is proud to offer an extended In-flight Entertainment Experience on most of our Longhaul Aircraft.*

This varies by aircraft type but allows you to enjoy our wide range of content, sometimes from boarding right up until arriving at your destination.

To comply with current safety regulations we must ask all customers to use only BA provided headsets for taxi, takeoff and landing. Customers in First and Club World and front row seats must also securely stow their screens but may still enjoy listening to our audio content.   

Once in the air, your content will be available to resume watching from where you left off. If needed, you are able to use your own headsets until we secure the cabin for landing.

Current restrictions remain in place for the use of portable electronic devices – which must be switched off during taxi, take off and landing.


*Available on all LH aircraft by May 2013.




Some of the content featured may not be available on your flight.