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Reward flights

Flights that you book using Avios are called reward flights. You can book to any worldwide destination, where there’s availability, with British Airways and our oneworld® partners.

You pay with your Avios plus a cash amount for taxes, fees and carrier charges.

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Hotel stays

Spend your Avios on great deals at thousands of hotels around the world.

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Car rental

Use your Avios to pay for Avis car rental at hundreds of worldwide locations.

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Spend your Avios on thousands of memorable tours and experiences across the globe.

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Treat yourself to exclusive deals on popular wines, Champagnes and beers with Avios.

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British Airways Executive Club Rewards app

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The smarter way to collect Avios and earn more rewards faster

  • Find new ways to collect Avios with nearly 1,000 retailers and businesses.
  • Shop and save on the go through the Avios eStore.
  • Plan the best ways to spend your Avios on car hire, hotels, wine and experiences.
  • Keep track of your Executive Club account balance and transactions.

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App currently only available in the UK and English.