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  • Join for free and collect reward points - we call them Avios.
  • Collect Avios when you fly, take a holiday, hotel stay or car rental with us plus with our wide range of partners.
  • Spend your Avios on flights, hotels, car hire and other travel rewards.
  • Get exclusive deals and insider hacks with The Club magazine (UK only).
  • The more you fly the more benefits you enjoy.
  • Share accounts with family and friends to earn rewards faster.

Collect and spend together

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Set up a Household Account to pool your Avios with up to six people in your household, including children.

Collect and spend together with a Household Account

The Club magazine

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Get the most out of your membership with The Club, our digital magazine.

Every month we share insider hacks for moving up the Tiers, collecting and spending Avios, plus exclusive behind-the-scenes stories, discounts, prize draws and much more.

You can also find offers on holidays, hotels, car hire and our partners on