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About the Club

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Make travel more rewarding

  • Join for free and open up a world of benefits.
  • Collect Avios to spend on flights, upgrades and other travel rewards.
  • Unlock exclusive privileges as you fly more with us and our partners.
  • Link accounts with your family and friends and share Avios to earn rewards faster.

Fly more to gain more

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As you fly more regularly with us and our oneworld® airline partners you can move through our different levels of membership, which bring even greater benefits and exclusive privileges, including:

  • priority boarding for Bronze Members
  • access to Business lounges for Silver Members
  • First class lounges and spa treatments for Gold Members

But don't worry if you only fly occasionally: you'll find there are lots of rewarding reasons to join the Club.

Learn more about our membership tiers

collapsedshowWhat are Avios and Tier Points?

As a Member of the Club, you'll collect two different types of points — Avios and Tier Points


Avios — for spending on rewards Tier Points — for moving through the tiers of the Club
Avios are collected on flights with British Airways and our oneworld airlines partners as well as a wide range of other purchases. Tier Points are collected on flights with British Airways and our oneworld airlines partners.
Avios can be spent on flights and upgrades. Tier Points cannot be spent, but you move automatically through the membership tiers of the Club when you have enough of them.
Avios can be bought and shared. Tier Points cannot be bought or shared.
Avios expire only if your balance is inactive for three years. Tier Points reset every year.
Explore your Avios options Find out how Tier Points work

Collect and spend together

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Enjoy your rewards sooner with a Household Account. You’ll be able to pool your Avios with up to 6 other people who live with you, including children, letting you make full use of the collective balance.

Collect and spend together with a Household Account

Exclusive Member offers

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Be the first to hear our news and take advantage of our Member-only offers. We'll bring you regular, exclusive deals on luxury holidays and hotels, offers on car rental and experiences, and lots of great new ways to boost your Avios.

Check out the latest offers for Members