Transcript: Highlights of our Mardi Gras party


Nicole Scherzinger: "Hi everybody it’s Nicole Scherzinger here

Well I’ve never performed on a plane before but I’m super excited

I’ve never played on a plane before

So when I was asked to do it I said of course

I love to walk around so I knew that wouldn’t be a problem

I wanted to create a carnival atmosphere, with songs that people know, so that they can really enjoy themselves

It was great it was nice to see their faces and them up and dancing

I had a great time

I’ve never done anything like this before

I didn’t think it was possible so I think it’s really cool

I love flying, I actually fly like every week so I love flying and the opportunity presented itself and I was like hey I get to sing up in the heavens

I can’t wait to get in to a nice jazz club and listen until 4 in the morning

I’m going to sleep in the day until mid-morning or lunchtime and then it’s all music, all day, I can’t wait"