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London Public Transport - Tube, Bus, Train

With one of the oldest, largest and most established transport networks in the world, London transport can be daunting. However, once you understand the basics it is fairly easy to understand.

London's well developed network of 'Tube', bus and overground rail makes getting around without a car the standard rather than the exception. One of the easiest ways to use the transport Network is to buy an Oyster card and add enough credit to last the duration of your visit. This promises to offer the cheapest fares available for any of London's main transport options. Don't forget that when you leave London you can return the card for a refund of the deposit and any remaining credit.

London Public Transport - Tube, Bus, Train
London underground sign, lit up at night.

The London Underground or "Tube"

The iconic Tube network has been in operation since the 1800s in its earliest form and you can still travel the same route on its modern lines. The network covers 270 stations and usually offers the fastest and easiest way to visit most of London.

Docklands Light Railway at Canary Wharf.

London Overground

London also offers an extensive overground train network. Distinct from the Tube, but sharing some stations and allowing travellers to reach parts of London unavailable by Tube. If visiting outer parts of London, or you are looking for a quicker journey time across London, an overground rail journey often offers the best solution.

Black cab driving through Piccadilly Circus.

London Taxis

The London taxi, or 'Black cab' as it's fondly named, is nearly as iconic as the red London bus. Black Cab's are the only London taxis that can be hailed in the street and can legally seek trade. When the orange 'Taxi' light is switched on, the taxi is available for hire. London Taxis seat five or six people and offer wheelchair access. Black cab fares operate on a standard tariff system.

Boris bikes for hire in London.

London Cycle Hire

Launched in 2010 the Barclays cycle hire scheme offers over 6000 hire bikes across central London. Cycles, often referred to as Boris Bikes after the London Mayor, can be hired from a terminal with a debit or credit card. With terminals all over London they offer a cost effective and environmentally friendly solution to travel in central London. Free maps are available, which indicate the most suitable routes for cycles.

London bus driving through Piccadilly Circus.

London Buses

The red London double decker bus is an iconic symbol of London. These London buses offer a cost effective way to travel around the city and, although usually slower than the tube, they allow you to see the city from an ideal vantage point. A ride along many of London's bus routes will take you past an endless array of historical landmarks.

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