Unusual things to do in Las Vegas

By Danny Baggott

Photography by Wasin Pummarin

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JUNE 2017

A goldmine for epic hotels, casinos and shopping centres, Las Vegas is renowned for offering adventures of a lifetime. But if you think you already knew everything this city in Nevada has to offer – think again – these hidden gems will blow your mind.

Visit the Neon Museum

A boneyard for discarded lights and signs, the Neon Museum collects, preserves and exhibits iconic Las Vegas signs. Founded in 1996, the unusual museum is made up of the Neon Boneyard and the North Gallery. With two acres of beautiful Vegas signage on show, take an hour long guided tour, from just $19 per person, and admire the collection of more than 200 items. Particular signs include: Stardust, Sahara and Binion’s Horseshoe.

Commonwealth channels a prohibition vibe, with old heaters as tables and mysterious punch-bowl cocktails mixed up by local mixologist Juyoung Kang

Drink in the Commonwealth Bar

Las Vegas locals adore the artsy 1920s Commonwealth Bar – and for that reason they try and keep it a secret from visiting tourists. Situated on Downtown’s Fremont East Entertainment District, Commonwealth channels a prohibition vibe, with old heaters as tables and mysterious punch-bowl cocktails mixed up by local mixologist Juyoung Kang.

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  • The 1920s Commonwealth Bar © Commonwealth Bar.
  • Mr Chow Champagne trolley © Caesars Entertainment.
  • New York New York Hotel and Casino © Charles O. Cecil / Alamy Stock Photo.

Check out the Mr Chow Champagne trolley

Situated in the incredible Caesar’s Palace Hotel, drink Champagne in the restaurant’s own Champagne lounge – or wait a for the famous silver Champagne trolley, also serving up specialty cocktails, to pass your table. Signature dishes include Green Prawns and Chicken Satay. The restaurant is just off the casino floor and can be reached by private elevators.

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Take a helicopter ride

There’s no better way to witness the jaw-dropping depths of the Grand Canyon than by taking a helicopter ride from Vegas. Fly over the Canyon to capture a truly unrivalled view, scaling the heights of this beautifully epic natural wonder. Pilots double up as tour guides, helping you to discover the history of the Canyon that dates back 10,500 years and used to be inhabited by Native Americans.

  • Neon Museum © The Neon Museum, Las Vegas, Nevada.

Ride the Big Apple coaster

Experience an exhilarating roller coaster ride that will seriously make you question why you risked your life. Sat in carts that look like New York taxicabs, the rollercoaster hangs outside the New York New York Hotel and Casino on the Vegas strip and begins with a 180-foot lift followed by a 76-foot drop. Strap yourself in and scream your way down.

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Watch a jousting match

Lounge in your very own throne and gulp from a goblet of beer as you watch a jousting match fit for the 12th century. Valiant knights ride on mighty steeds and prove their chivalry to the audience. All happening inside the Excalibur Hotel and Casino, on the south end of the strip, the jousting competition is known as the ‘Tournament of Kings’. Enjoy dinner at the show, where, in true medieval style, you’ll have to eat with your hands.

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Experience the SkyJump

Get your pulse racing and release the thrill seeker within, SkyJump is a heart-stopping open-air leap from the top of the 829 feet Stratosphere Hotel. Zoom down at speeds of 40mph towards the landing pad where watching audiences applaud each brave jumper. Daytime, nighttime and sunset SkyJumps available, one jump costs $119.99 per person. Gain a whole different, beautiful outlook on the entire city.