Flights to Far East

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Hong Kong£435 returnFind
Kuala Lumpur£499 returnFind
Bangkok£511 returnFind
Shanghai£528 returnFind
Singapore£536 returnFind

Holidays to Far East

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Hong KongFlight + 4 nights hotel£522 ppFind
BangkokFlight + 4 nights hotel£535 ppFind
Kuala LumpurFlight + 4 nights hotel£542 ppFind
SingaporeFlight + 4 nights hotel£648 ppFind
TokyoFlight + 4 nights hotel£782 ppFind

Welcome to the Far East & Australia

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Experience it all in Australia, from Sydney’s harbour beaches to the vast red deserts of Alice Springs. Galleries highlight the nations history in Canberra, while yachties go sunset sailing in Perth. Inland from the fertile coast, share stories with country Australians in a Broken Hill pub or discover tropical Australia in Darwin.



From its pagoda-topped mountains to gleaming skyscrapers and ancient temples, China is a heady mix of imperial splendour, natural beauty and rapid development. Sip cocktails on Shanghai's postmodern Bund, uncover the Terracotta Warriors in Xi'an, see the giant pandas in Chengdu, or just sit back and explore China through Beijing’s many delicious and vastly different regional cuisines.



Uncover a unique blend of traditional culture and cutting-edge modernity in Japan. Explore peaceful temples like the glittering Golden Pavilion in former imperial capital Kyoto, or go for kitsch fashions in Tokyo. The varied climate means you can see snow-capped mountains and wilderness on the northern island of Hokkaido, and subtropical beaches lapped by turquoise waters in the southern outpost of Okinawa.



Steeped in colonial history, culturally diverse, naturally beautiful and an adventure for your taste buds – Malaysia is remarkable in every sense. It is where the ultra-modern and traditional collide. Witness this in the dynamic capital of Kuala Lumpur, where soaring skyscrapers stand alongside historical temples. This bustling cityscape melts into the unspoilt shores of the East Coast and the breathtaking natural beauty of Malaysian Borneo.



Singapore is a perfect introduction to the Far East. This dynamic destination is a rich blend of Chinese, Indian, Malay and Western cultures. Stunning modern architecture finds its place alongside historic buildings and lush green parks. Tropical flowers and stalls overflowing with exotic fruit and vegetables offer a heady mix of colours and scents that captivate the senses.

South Korea.

South Korea

Long neglected by tourists, today South Korea is impressing visitors with its modish shops, traditional temples and dazzling efficiency. Seoul, with its fast-adapting citizens carrying the latest high-tech devices, is a hub of modernity. Delve into the rural parts of the country to find ancient relics, sizzling barbecue and elaborate, multi-coloured palaces. The world’s cleanest public toilets are also a bonus.



Thailand holidays often centre around cosmopolitan Bangkok, but Thailand's beautiful islands, like Phuket and Koh Samui, definitely merit some exploration as well. Holiday around northern Chiang Mai for trekking and rafting with Thailand's hill tribes. Culture vultures on holiday in Thailand will love the UNESCO-listed ancient capital, Ayutthaya. Plenty of spicy local cuisine tops the holiday off a treat.

Far East multi-centre holidays

Discover Australia or New Zealand on a Far East multi centre holiday


Immerse yourself in the buzz of multicultural Singapore. Shop at towering supermalls and bustling night markets. Sample aromatic Asian cuisine before hitting a throbbing megaclub or chic cocktail bar. Then slow down and unwind at a luxury beachfront hotel in idyllic Koh Samui. When you’re feeling revitalised, get ready to discover the exotic magic of bewitching Bangkok. Explore the humming city centre by tuk-tuk or wander around magnificently adorned temples. Stretch out on the soft sands of Pattaya then stay for the colourful scene after dark.

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Take in the shimmering skyscrapers and supermalls of Hong Kong. Barter for bargains at the neon-lit night markets of Kowloon. Or gaze at the mighty Big Buddha in the serene surroundings of Po Lin Monastery. In Sydney, marvel at the iconic Opera House and Harbour Bridge. Then hit the walking trails of the Blue Mountains National Park for breathtaking scenery. Travel to Brisbane to see the wonderful Gold Coast, Noosa National Park and the unforgettable Great Sunshine Way. Then, continue to Cairns, gateway to the magnificent Great Barrier Reef.

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Embrace the high-velocity pace of Tokyo, with its whizzing sky trains and clamouring neon signs. Or slow down at serene Shinto shrines and cherry blossom-scented Japanese gardens. Then wander around Chinatown and Little India in the multicultural metropolis of Singapore. Continue to Melbourne to uncover a bubbling arts scene at tucked away galleries and covert clubs. Then hire a car and drive the Great Ocean Road to Adelaide, past beautiful beaches and the remarkable 12 Apostles. End your holiday in the dynamic city of Hong Kong.

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Explore the thriving centre of Seoul and go all-night shopping at the mammoth retail hub of Dongdaemun Market. Or marvel at the ornate beauty of the Gyeongbok-gung Palace and Jogyesa Temple. Discover Hong Kong’s captivating contrasts – from its iconic modern skyline and neon lights, to traditional Po Lin Monastery and the Big Buddha. Then onto Malaysia’s booming capital city, Kuala Lumpur, where visitors can see beautiful ancient temples in contrast to modern megastructures soaring into the sky.

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Soaring skyscrapers and luxury malls meet historic pagodas and humble silk shops, in Saigon. See the spire-tipped towers of Notre Dame Cathedral. Or take a boat ride along the meandering waterways of Mekong Delta. In Hong Kong, a feast of urban attractions meets ancient Chinese traditions overlooked by the awe-inspiring Big Buddha. Hire a car in Auckland and take in New Zealand’s idyllic Bay of Islands and renowned wineries. Then experience the abundant delights of Sydney and the stunning Blue Mountains National Park.

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