Ground Operations Training

ground operations training

A smooth operation and on-time aircraft departures & turnarounds are reliant on number of factors and teams working together towards a common goal.
Bringing a community of under-wing teams together requires excellent communication, un-paralleled levels of safety, situational awareness and a highly skilled work-force.

Please see below for details of the training that we currently provide.  If you have any further questions or would like to book training please email

Our experienced Instructors can train your Ground Crew in the following areas:

collapsedshowSupervising Aircraft Loading

Course:                                 Supervising Aircraft Loading

Description:                         This is an instructor led course designed to ensure GHA’s are proficient and accredited
                                               to carry out  the role of Supervisor Aircraft Loading in accordance with current
                                               compliance rules and regulations. The course is taught in modules.

Aims & Objectives:              The aim of the SAL course is to teach and improve delegates understanding of how we
                                               load and offload a BA Aircraft as supervising aircraft loaders.

Key Learning points:         • Roles & Responsibilities

                                             • Ramp Safety

                                             • Unit load devices (ULD's)

                                             • Ramp Safety

                                             • Loading Instruction Report (LIR)

                                             • Ramp Safety

                                             • NOTOC, Loading Messages (CPM/LDMs)

                                             • Ramp Safety

                                             • Aircraft Load Management

                                             • Ramp Safety

                                             • In Plane Loading Systems, Structural limitations, Load Spreading

                                             • Ramp Safety

                                             • Handling and loading of Dangerous Goods

                                             • Ramp Safety

                                             • Locks, latches and stops

Duration:                             4-Days

Further Information:          Please email

collapsedshowPassenger Doors

Course:                              Passenger Doors

Description:                      The safe opening and closing of passenger doors on BA aircraft.

Aims & Objectives:           By the end of the session delegates will be able to open and close passenger doors
                                            in accordance with BA operating procedures.

Key Learning points:       • Safety procedures before opening the passenger door

                                           • Checking the Girt Bar

                                           • Correct stowage of door handle

                                           • The Gust Lock

                                           • BA specific procedures when opening a passenger door

                                           • The Gust Lock

                                           • Passenger door closing

Duration:                             ½ Day per Aircraft Type

Further Information:          Please email

collapsedshowADQ Aircraft Departure Qualification (Headset)

Course:                                 ADQ Aircraft Departure Qualification (Headset)


Aims & Objectives:              By the end of this course delegates will be able to complete the headset function on a
                                               BA aircraft safely and adhering to BA policy and procedures

Key Learning points:          • Ramp Hazards and PPE

                                              • Pre-Departure Check

                                              • Headset Connection

                                              • Pushback / Taxi Out

                                              • Engine Start & Jet Blast

                                              • Fire

                                              • Towbar Shear Pin Failure & TBL Oversteer

                                              • Lightning Storms

                                              • Headset Communications

                                              • Re-Establishing Communications / Headset Failure

                                              • Signals

                                              • Cold Weather Operations

                                              • Airstart Procedures

                                              • Visual Awareness & Aircraft Departure Activity

                                              • Cold Weather Operations

Duration:                                1-Day

Further Information:             Please email