Educational Visits

For many years we have been successfully running visits for Colleges and Universities which give an insight into Aviation and Cabin Crew. We currently have over 150 different Colleges and Universities that come in every year and we are constantly developing the course to suit our customer’s needs. The courses we offer are listed below.

Safety Equipment & Procedures (SEP) Awareness Days (6 hours) and they include the following:

- Welcome Session with Instructors

- Unplanned & Planned Emergencies (the procedures, commands and practical exercises)

- Safety Demos

- Pilot Incapacitation

- Principles of Survival

- Fire Ground & Smoke Chamber (each student will put out an oven fire, put on a smokehood and also take part in an exercise in the smoke chamber)

- Slide Descent (using the A320 Slide)


- Q&A Session - (our instructors are all crew or have been crew and will answer any questions the students have)

Total cost for this £50 + VAT per delegate (minimum charge of £1,000 + VAT).

We also run additional 1 hour workshops which can be added to your SEP Awareness Day and are as follows:

- Aviation Medicine
- Customer Service
- Doors
- PA Announcements
- Aviation Security
- Recruitment Advice

A maximum of 3 workshops can be added to your SEP Awareness Day at the following cost:
- 1 x workshop @  £10.00 + VAT per delegate
- 2 x workshops @ £17.00 + VAT per delegate
- 3 x workshops @ £23.00 + VAT per delegate

We also run half day workshops:

- Half day ( 3 hour) Aviation Medicine

- Half Day (3 hour) Customer Service

If added onto an SEP Awareness Day these are charged at £25.00 per delegate or otherwise £40 + VAT per delegate (Minimum charge of £1,000 + VAT).

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