UK Customs and Excise baggage clearance

For travellers from outside the European Union arriving into the UK

If you were travelling from outside the European Union to the UK when we lost your bag you will need to complete and return a UK Customs and Excise baggage clearance form so that we can clear your bag through customs when we retrieve it. Your bags may be delayed at customs if you don't. Please include your baggage file reference number on the form.

Download the 'Clearance of Missing or Delayed Baggage' form (pdf, 110kb, 2 pages, English only) from the GOV.UK website.

Fax the completed and signed form to the arrival airport where you expected to collect your bags:

Fax numbers for your arrival airport
Airport Fax number
Aberdeen +44 1224 725026
Belfast city +44 289 093 5049
Edinburgh +44 131 344 3769
Glasgow +44 141 887 2282
Jersey +44 1534 484087
Leeds Bradford +44 113 250 6547
London Gatwick +44 1293 666550
London Heathrow +44 203 165 0082
Manchester +44 161 489 2616
Newcastle +44 191 214 4469

Check duty and tax allowances into the UK from outside the European Union

If your baggage contains goods over the limits of what you may bring into the UK from outside of the European Union you must declare your goods through the RED channel at the airport in person. We will contact you when we have located your bags so that you can do this.  We cannot do this on your behalf.

Download information about duty and tax allowances for the UK (pdf, 425Kb, 20 pages, English only) from the GOV.UK website.