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About the Heritage collection

The British Airways Heritage collection has existed since the formation of British Airways. It was formed to preserve the records and artefacts of British Airways predecessor companies BOAC, BEA, BSAA and the pre-war Imperial Airways and British Airways Ltd.

The collection comprises of an extensive document archive recording the formation, development and operations of the British Airways and its predecessor companies as well as memorabilia and artefacts.

Over 130 uniforms from the 1930s to the present day are preserved as well as a large collection of aircraft models and pictures.

Purchase photographs and posters

An historically important collection of thousands of photographs is also available as well as probably the most complete set of aviation posters in the UK.

Posters are available for sale as reprints at the following prices:

  • A3 size £10 plus postage and packing
  • A2 size £35 plus postage and packing

The postage and packing charge to addresses in the United Kingdom is £5.

To purchase a poster please contact us via email or phone, providing the following information:

  • a cheque for the correct amount (including postage and packing), made payable to British Airways
  • your choice of image
  • your full postal address
  • a contact telephone number
  • your email address

Alternatively you can write to us with these details at the address below.

To obtain the cost of postage and packing to an address outside the UK, and for all other questions, please contact the museum (see details below).

Photographs are available as well – please contact us directly for details.

View our photographs

View our posters

Visit the Heritage centre

For more information about British Airways' heritage, enquiries about visiting, information about purchasing photographs, posters, or other heritage material, or any other questions, please contact the centre.

Email the Heritage Centre

020 8562 5777
020 8562 5737

020 8562 5747

By post:
British Airways Heritage Collection
Waterside (HDGA)
PO Box 365
United Kingdom

If a visit is arranged, the 'visiting address' is:
British Airways Heritage Collection
Speedbird Way