Transcript: Walkthrough LHR with Simran


Female V/O

At British Airways we’ve been making a few changes to keep you safe and to make your journey as straightforward as possible. we know things might look a little different the next time you fly…. So, let me show you around… As cabin crew we’re used to packing our suitcases and preparing for travel, but we’ve got a few tips about the things you can do to prepare for your journey, to help make life as easy as possible. Firstly, it’s important to check the relevant government’s website information about your destination and any entry requirements they may have.

You might be required to take a covid-19 test before travelling, before returning to the UK and on arrival in to the UK too. To help you we’ve partnered with a range of test companies to offer you discounts on these services, you can find out more at And while you’re online, don’t forget that if you’re traveling with us in Euro Traveller, you’re now able to pre-purchase your food and drink from the Speedbird café. You can also do this on the British Airways App. And we’ve been working with other travel apps that may help you during your journey... We send you an email ahead of your flight with us which will tell you what options are available to you. ……But don’t worry if you’re not confident using technology – we’ll always be on hand to help you at the airport. If you haven’t already checked in online, you can use one of our self check in desks, which are regularly sanitised or see one of our colleagues at the airport. You can also drop off your bag at one of our self-service bag drops, or to a colleague at check-in. You’ll see we’ve installed screens to protect you and there are also hand sanitising stations throughout the airport. After security, if you’re using one of our lounges, (which were always beautifully clean, but are now more sparkley than ever) you’ll notice things have changed here a little. There’s now contactless entry and the seating lay-out means you can stay a safe distance from others.

Our brilliant tech teams have introduced a QR code which you’ll find right by your seat, that you can scan to order food and drink from your phone. It will then be brought directly to your table! You’ll be pleased to hear that plenty of shops and restaurants remain open, and you’ll see social distancing measures in place throughout the terminal. On board, my crew colleagues, who are as excited as you are to be taking to the skies, will be waiting to hand you Dettol antibacterial hygiene wipes for your hands and devices. It is a legal requirement that all customers wear a mask both at the airport and on-board We suggest changing your mask every 4 hours during your journey, so do remember to make sure you bring enough with you before you leave home. Keeping you safe has always been our first priority at British Airways, so we ask that you try to avoid moving around the cabin, apart from necessary trips to the toilet of course! We’ve also made some changes to our service to reduce contact onboard. If you need any assistance at all, just press the call button and we will always be happy to help. If you’ve seen our latest advert, you’ll know that we’ve missed you and we can’t wait to welcome you back… Everybody has something that makes them fly…… for us… it’s you.