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Mother and daughter in Euro Traveller cabin.

Seating for infants and children

We want to make travelling as a family as enjoyable and stress-free as possible. To ensure your family has the best seats when you fly, we recommend choosing yours in advance when you book. There may be an additional fee for this.

If you don’t choose your seats in advance, we always do our best to seat your family together based on flight seat availability. This may mean that you’ll be seated in adjacent rows or across the aisle. All children under 12 will be seated with an accompanying adult. Anyone over 12 may be seated separately.

If you’re an Executive Club Gold, Silver and Bronze member, you can choose seats for everyone in your booking for free. Make sure you add your membership number to all bookings to take advantage of this benefit.

Travelling with infants

Mother and sleeping baby girl travel on airplane

If you’d like to book a separate seat for your infant (under 2 years old), contact us and we’ll arrange it for you. Please note that this cannot be booked online.

Contact us to pay for an infant seat


Mother with two babies.

Free seat selection

When you travel with an infant (on your lap), you can choose a seat for yourself and everyone in your booking, free of charge (up to a party of nine). Subject to availability, one person in your booking can choose a carrycot/seat position.

If you don’t choose a seat in advance, we’ll select suitable seats for you before the flight.

Comfort aids and harnesses

Approved to be used onboard
Not permitted for use onboard
 AmSafe Child Aviation Restraint System (Cares)*  Seat extenders (including suitcases that convert into a leg rest or bed)
 Car seats that meet safety requirements  Leg hammocks
 Cozi-Go/FlyBaBee Sleep Easy Cover for infant bassinets
 Baby hammocks
 Approved seat support systems
 Inflatable footrests
   Oversized inflatable head pillows
   Flexible seat supports
   All headrest attachments

 Knee defenders

  1. Flexible seat supports

*If you have your own AmSafe CARES, you can use this on board for infants and children who weigh between 10-20kg. The AmSafe System is suitable to use in Euro Traveller, Club Europe, World Traveller and World Traveller Plus. It is not suitable for use in First or Club World (including Club Suite) and cannot be used in the rows before, after or on an emergency exit.

Baby playing withn her mother.

Carrycots and infant seats supplied by us

On our long haul services, we provide carrycots and infant seats free of charge for babies up to 2 years old, weighing under 12.5 kg (27.5lbs) that can be used in flight when the seat belt signs are off. If you’ve chosen a carrycot seating position, your crew will offer you a carrycot or infant seat for your baby, subject to availability and aircraft type.

Our specially designed carrycots are only for infants up to 6 months old, weighing no more than 8kg (17.5lb), so your baby can sleep in comfort in the best seat on the flight. You can bring your own CoziGo carrycot cover to lessen distractions from light and movement. 

Infant seats
Our infant seats can be used by little ones from birth up to 24 months, who weigh no more than 12.5kg (27.5lbs). These seats are secured onto the carrycot position by cabin crew and are adjustable to two positions: reclined or upright. For infants under 6 months, the seat should always be used in the reclined position. For infants over 6 months, either position can be used.

Please note that, even if you’ve chosen a carrycot seat position, we may have to move you and your baby to another seat if there is someone who has greater need for the space, such as a wheelchair user.

Little girl in a safety seat.

Bringing your own child car seat


If you’re travelling with your child (over two years), you can bring your own single-piece car seat to attach to their aircraft seat, providing it meets the airline safety requirements listed below. Please note that two-part car seats (a seat and separate base) are not suitable for use on aircraft.


If you have booked a separate seat for your infant (under 24 months) to travel as a child, you must bring either a child car seat that complies with the airline safety requirements listed below, or an AmSafe system that attaches to the aircraft seat for your baby to sit in during the flight.

If the car seat does not meet the safety requirements, it can still be used, but your infant (under 24 months) must sit on your lap using an extension seat belt during taxi, take off, landing and turbulence. The cabin crew will provide the extension seat belt and show you how to use it when you board the flight.

Travelling in economy (World Traveller) and premium economy (World Traveller Plus)

When using your child’s car seat on board the aircraft, you should choose the following seat positions for you and your child for safety reasons, if they are available:

  • All aircraft - In a window seat, with you next to them.
  • Larger aircraft - In a centre seat (not on the aisle), with you next to them.

If these seat positions are not available when you check in, please be aware that we may need to move you and your child once on board. 

Travelling in business (Club World)

When travelling in Club Suite or on rear-facing Club World seats, your child can only sit in their own child car seat during cruise. For take-off, landing and at times of turbulence, your child must be strapped into the aircraft seat, with the child car seat put away in the overhead locker.

AmSafe Child Aviation Restraint System (CARES)

You can use your own AmSafe Child Aviation Restraint System (CARES) in economy seats for infants and children who weigh between 10-20kg. The AmSafe System isn’t suitable for use in our First, Club World or Club Suite seats. They also cannot be used in the rows before, after or on an emergency exit.