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Tiers and benefits

Blue,Bronze,Silver,Gold card.

Collect Avios and enjoy more rewards

As well as Avios, you’ll collect Tier Points when you fly. The more Tier Points you collect, the more rewards you will receive as you move up through the Executive Club Tiers.

Your Executive Club membership begins as a Blue Member, where your instant benefits include:

  • collecting Avios, our Club currency, to spend on things like flights and cabin upgrades
  • exclusive news and special Member-only offers
  • saving your details, including seat and meal preferences for a much quicker booking process
  • earning Tier Points, moving you through the tiers of the Club to gain greater benefits
The tiers of the Executive Club.


You’ll become a Blue Member as soon as you join.

  • Collect Avios
  • Collect Tier Points
  • Save details and preferences
  • Member-only offers

Your Blue benefits

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