The world's most toddler-friendly holiday destinations

as rated by parents

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It can be challenging for parents to travel overseas with their toddlers, but there are a number of destinations that make for wonderful family getaways.

After turning to the feedback and reviews of more than 200,000 parents that have travelled abroad with their young children since 2021, we can reveal some of the world's most toddler-friendly holiday destinations.

Within our recommendations you can find the best places to fly to with your toddlers for a comfortable night’s sleep, an enjoyable dining experience, and some of the world’s top-rated toddler-friendly activities.

Continue reading to find out which international destinations ticked all the boxes for parents of toddlers from both Great Britain and the rest of the world.

We’ve also created a guide that offers parents tips on what they should know before flying and travelling abroad with their little ones.

The 10 most toddler-friendly destinations in the world, as rated by British parents

Using reviews on Tripadvisor by parents who have holidayed with their toddlers, we’ve determined the 10 most toddler-friendly destinations in the world. Each destination is ranked out of 100, based on how it scores for local accommodation, restaurants, activities and attractions.

1st: Kraków (99 out of 100)

Scoring 99 out of 100 on our index ranking, Krakow is rated as the best holiday destination by British parents who travelled there with their toddlers.

In addition to its rich historical heritage, Kraków also offers plenty for parents to enjoy with young children, including the theme park Energylandia and History Land, an interactive museum that uses LEGO and virtual reality to tell stories about Poland’s history.

2nd: Lisbon (86 out of 100)

The Portuguese city of Lisbon is rated second in our list of the best holiday destinations to travel to with toddlers.

Younger members of the family can get a taste of history in one of Europe’s oldest cities by trying Portugal’s famously delicious pasteis de natas, or learn about science and technology at Lisbon’s Science Museum.

3rd: Dubai (77 out of 100)

British parents who have travelled abroad with their toddlers rate Dubai as number three on the list of best holiday destinations in the world.

While it’s famed for incredible skyscrapers and a wide selection of shopping malls, Dubai also offers a variety of attractions for parents to enjoy with young children. Don’t miss the Wild Wadi World Waterpark and the sights and sounds of Motiongate’s Hollywood-inspired theme park.

4th: New York (74 out of 100)

New York City takes fourth place as one of the best destinations for holidaying with toddlers.

Bus tours are a really convenient way to see this famous city, but a trip to Central Park’s 843 acres of meadows, lakes, waterfalls and woodland also provides a pleasant contrast to New York’s hustle and bustle.

5th: Madeira (74 out of 100)

According to parents of toddlers who holiday from Britain, this Portuguese island is their fifth favourite holiday destination.

Madeira is a mountainous volcanic island that also boasts plenty of sandy stretches to go with its year-round warm climate. The beaches of Calheta and Ribeira Brava are recommended among locals for being particularly family friendly.

6th: Tenerife (71 out of 100)

Parents who travel to Tenerife, the largest of the Canary Islands, have ranked it sixth on their list of top holiday destinations to go to with their toddlers.

Many parents will travel here for the beautiful beaches, but family-friendly activities can be found inland too. While Mount Teide National Park offers unforgettable views and plenty of photo opportunities, Aqualand features swimming pools, a lazy river and a pirate port with slides, water taps and a bucket of water that tips unexpectedly.

7th: Malta (64 out of 100)

With a warm climate and striking landscape, Malta ranks seventh in our list of best holidays for parents and their toddlers.

Among Malta's most popular attractions is the BOV Adventure Park, which offers climbing frames, water fountains and swings.

8th: Lanzarote (60 out of 100)

Parents rated Lanzarote eighth in the list of best destinations to go to with their toddlers, and it’s the second Canary Island to make an appearance in our top 10.

You’re spoilt for choice with beaches of gold, white and black sand on offer, however parents can also take their toddlers on a trip through Pardelas Park, which includes a farm area and photo-ready mountain views.

9th: Barcelona (60 out of 100)

This Catalan city comes in at number nine on our list of the best toddler-friendly destinations to travel to.

Its wide streets make it easy to walk around with a pram, and the beach is only ever a short journey away on public transport. Tibidabo Amusement Park is also recommended to visit for families with young children.

10th: Alicante (51 out of 100)

The final location on our list of the best destinations to visit with toddlers is Alicante.

This historic city has been continuously inhabited for over 7,000 years and, as such, there are numerous landmarks to be found such as the Santa Barbara Castle or the Old Town. Aqua Natura is one of many attractions for families, offering pools, wave pools and even mermaid lessons.

Where do parents from the rest of the world prefer to travel with their toddlers?

We’ve also revealed the destinations that parents of toddlers from around the world rate highest for different types of holiday experiences.

The most toddler-friendly destinations for a comfortable night’s sleep, as rated by parents from around the world

Based on Tripadvisor reviews we’ve determined which destinations had the highest ratings for the best night's sleep.

  • San José, Costa Rica.

    1st: San José, Costa Rica

  • Maldives.

    2nd: Maldives

  • Hong Kong.

    3rd: Hong Kong

1st: San José, Costa Rica

San José received the highest ratings of any other location in our research for the best night’s stay, with 90% of reviews loving the Costa Rican capital.

After a day of exploring the city’s spectacular landscapes, there’s a wide selection of luxurious hotels and soothing spas to relax and unwind in.

2nd: Maldives

Known for its beautiful beaches, crystal-clear water and overwater bungalows, the Maldives is a peaceful place where families can enjoy a comfortable night's sleep.

81% of parents rated this idyllic location’s places to stay as excellent, making it the second-best destination for accommodation options for the whole family.

3rd: Hong Kong

Of the parents who have stayed in Hong Kong with their toddlers, 77% of them rate its accommodation options as five star for a comfortable night's sleep.

Known for its delicious local cuisine, wide variety of shopping malls, and kid-friendly hotels ranging from budget to luxury, this multicultural city has it all.

The most toddler-friendly destinations for restaurant choices, as rated by parents from around the world

Based on Tripadvisor reviews, we determined which destinations had the highest percentage of excellent reviews from parents who have dined there while on holiday with their toddlers.

  • Maldives.

    1st: Maldives

  • Corfu,

    2nd: Corfu

  • San José, Costa Rica.

    3rd: San José, Costa Rica

1st: Maldives

According to parents of toddlers, 83% of foodie reviewers rated the Maldives as the best place to enjoy a meal in the company of their young children.

The Maldives is famous for its seafood, and is influenced by the flavours of neighbouring countries Sri Lanka and India. Tuck in to one of the many Maldivian delicacies, such as fried yams and fish curry.

2nd: Corfu

In Corfu, you’ll find plenty of family-run tavernas cooking up delicious souvlaki, stifado and stuffed vine leaves, to name just a few delicacies.

Their reputation among families with young children is also excellent, with 80% of parents praising them with a five-star rating in their reviews.

3rd: San José, Costa Rica

Whether you're looking for traditional Latin American or Asian fusion cuisine, San José's restaurants have a lot to offer families who travel there. Parents agree too, with 79% rating San José's choice of restaurants as excellent.

The most toddler-friendly destinations for local activities and attractions, as rated by parents from around the world

Based on Tripadvisor reviews, we determined which destinations had the highest ratings for local activities and attractions as rated by parents worldwide.

  • San José, Costa Rica.

    1st: San José, Costa Rica

  • Maldives.

    2nd: Maldives

  • Istanbul, Turkey.

    3rd: Istanbul

1st: San José, Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a popular destination for families, especially its capital city, San José, where 89% of reviews rate it as being an excellent destination for parent-toddler activities and attractions.

The city’s great weather and walkable streets make it easy for families to move around. Meanwhile, the Museo de los Ninos – children’s museum – features 40 unique exhibits.

2nd: Maldives

80% of reviews by parents rate the Maldives highly for its toddler-friendly attractions. A wide variety of activities can be enjoyed by toddlers on the island, but boat tours along the Indian Ocean are among its specialties.

These trips offer visitors the chance to see exotic wildlife such as white-breasted waterhens, spotted dolphins and turtles.

3rd: Istanbul

78% of parents rate Turkey’s largest city as excellent for the activities and attractions they can enjoy with their toddlers.

The LEGOLAND Discovery Centre is a great attraction for children aged 3 or above. Or, for a more relaxing day out, families can take a cruise down the Bosphorus Strait for prime views of the ancient city and countless photo opportunities.

Eight tips for taking your toddler on their first holiday abroad

The first trip abroad with your toddler is a really exciting experience. To help you and your family really enjoy yourselves, we've pulled together some top tips.

1. Research the destination

Choosing a child-friendly destination is the best way to make your family holiday fun for everyone.

When researching your getaway, find out what attractions, family activities and restaurants are available there. Don't forget to check amenities at resorts — do they have playgrounds or pool areas just for little ones?

Remember to check how safe your destination is too. Take a look at the UK Government’s travel advice website, and don't forget to browse country guides and travel blogs about the area you're interested in.

2. Medicine and hydration

Young children are more likely to be exposed to illnesses during travel due to their tendency to explore with their hands and mouth. Travelling to a new country will often expose them to pathogens that they haven't previously experienced.

Packing a first aid kit is essential. Keeping your baby hydrated and making sure their nasal passages are clear with a saline nasal spray will also help them to avoid severe colds that are easily transmitted on public transport.

Make sure to also ask your GP for a doctor's note or letter if your child is prescribed any medication, especially for liquids that are over 100ml.

3. Vaccinations and visas

Ensure your toddler is up-to-date with their recommended vaccinations and ask your doctor if there are any extra vaccinations required for the destination you plan to visit.

You may also need a visa to enter some countries. Generally, the visa process is the same for parents and children. You will need to fill out a questionnaire and pay a fee.

A tourist visa is required by many countries, so if you don't submit the paperwork on time, you may be turned away.

4. Remember to add your child to travel insurance and loyalty clubs

Don't forget to add your child to any extras like travel insurance policies and airline loyalty programmes when planning your holiday.

Taking out travel insurance is not mandatory, but it's highly recommended as it can help protect you and your family if you encounter any issues while overseas. You can add your child to an existing policy or cover the entire family with a family policy.

Using loyalty clubs can also be very beneficial for your little ones. At British Airways, your child can join the British Airways Executive Club through a Household Account, so they can start earning Avios from day one.

5. Think about nap time

You'll want to schedule your activities around your child's nap times to minimise disruption to their routine when you're on holiday.

Whenever you take your toddler out and about, sunshades for the buggy will help your toddler sleep more comfortably throughout the day.

Nap times differ from mealtimes and it’s common for restaurants in certain countries, such as in Italy, to only open between noon and 2pm. Check ahead for these opening times so that your little one’s nap can fit in around your new routine.

6. Check whether your car rental includes a car seat

It is important to book a car seat in advance if you plan to add it as an extra upon arrival, otherwise you risk there not being one available.

When renting a car seat isn't possible, you may need to buy a lightweight, easy-to-transport car seat instead. It's best if the seat can also be used on a plane.

If you check in your car seat as one of the two essential extras you get when flying with British Airways, you can bring it on board. In order to ensure that your car seat will fit safely in the aircraft seat, please check the dimensions and safety requirements of your car seat.

7. Is your destination better suited to a buggy or carrier?

You should consider whether your destination is suitable for buggy users before travelling abroad. More historical destinations, such as Krakow or Venice, may be better suited to using a carrier or sling to navigate with your child through their narrow streets.

Research your destination and the quality of its public transport and judge it against your itinerary to decide on what will be the best mode of transport for your young children.

When travelling with British Airways, children get the standard baggage allowance, as well as two extra check-in items: a fully collapsible stroller, a car or booster seat, a travel cot and a baby carrier.

8. Bring their home comforts and entertainment with you

Toddlers want to explore and they’ll let you know when they aren’t happy. At the same time, they can be easily overwhelmed by crowds, loud noise and a more general change in routine — three inevitable features of a holiday.

Every parent will know what works best to pacify their children at home, so be sure to bring the same items and practices abroad to comfort your child with familiarity.

Whether you’re waiting for your flight, on the plane, or relaxing by the pool, expect to have to keep your toddler distracted and entertained for much of your trip. Be sure to have entertainment options to hand so that they don’t become too bored or restless during these moments.

For those who forget to pack toys and games, most airlines and hotels provide kids' entertainment packs and TV channels with cartoons and kids' movies.