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collapsedshowDelayed or cancelled flights

If your flight has been cancelled, or you've experienced a significant delay, we will help you re-arrange your travel plans.

Rebooking options

Seating changes and refunds


If your journey was disrupted and you incurred additional expenses because of this, you may qualify to make a claim.

Make a claim for disruption expenses

collapsedshowLost or damaged baggage and lost property

Problems with checked baggage

  • How to report a missing or damaged bag or contents.
  • Check the status of a missing bag.
  • Claim baggage-related expenses or compensation.

Get advice, links and contact details for lost and damaged bags


Lost property on an aircraft or in an airport

Contact the airport you were in or flying to when you lost your property.

Lost property contacts

collapsedshowDisability and mobility assistance collapsedshowApplying for a refund

Tickets bought through a travel agent

Please contact your travel agent directly to arrange a refund.


Tickets bought directly from British Airways

You may be able to request a refund in Manage My Booking:

Manage My Booking

If you're unable to refund your ticket in Manage My Booking, please call us:

Telephone numbers


British Midland (bmi) tickets

Please complete the following form:

bmi ticket refunds

collapsedshowDuplicate receipts, proof of travel and insurance claims

It you booked directly with British Airways, use this form to request:

  • a duplicate receipt (e-tickets and other fees)
  • a ticket cost breakdown
  • proof that you travelled
  • proof that you didn't travel
  • proof that your flight was cancelled

Please allow 48 hours from the time you made your booking before submitting your request.

Receipt and document requests

collapsedshowMaking a complaint

We are sorry your travel experience with us didn't meet your expectations.

Email us to report a new complaint

Update us or check on an existing complaint

If you live in a country within the EU, an Online Dispute Resolution platform has been set up by the European Commission. You can find out more about the Online Dispute Resolution service here.

Please note that, as British Airways is not currently subscribed to an Alternative Dispute Resolution Scheme, the Online Dispute Resolution platform will not be able to accept your British Airways complaint.

collapsedshowSaying thank you

Had a great experience and want to thank someone for it? We'll make sure your comments reach the right person.

Say thank you to one of our team

Our telephone numbers, email and addresses

collapsedshowExecutive Club enquiries

You'll see the most relevant contact details for you if you are logged in to

Telephone numbers and addresses

Email form (not available in all countries)

collapsedshowOn Business enquiries collapsedshowCustomer Relations enquiries

Our Customer Relations team is here to help you with any problems you've had during or after your journey.

Customer Relations contact details

If you need help with delayed or cancelled flights, lost or damaged baggage or making a complaint, please see the sections above.

If you want to talk to us about something else, please email us.

collapsedshowOpenSkies customers collapsedshowAll other enquiries

Telephone numbers and addresses

Email form (for non-urgent queries only; not available in all countries)

Tweet us

  You can also get in touch with us on Twitter @British_Airways.

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