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Business dining

King prawns in a business class meal.

Whenever you fly business class always anticipate mouth-watering menus, from some of the world’s top chefs, thoughtfully prepared from locally sourced produce and elegantly presented. Our menus are designed with provenance in mind and feature high quality seasonal ingredients, making our food special.

Club World

Vegetables in the Business meal.

Tempting menus especially for you

Whether you choose our three course menu inspired by the world’s top chefs or a lighter cold meal, a glass of our expertly sourced wine will be the perfect accompaniment to complete your dining experience.

In the morning you can choose between enjoying a full English breakfast, a great way to start the day, or a continental breakfast with warm, delicious pastries. It’s up to you.

Afternoon flights include afternoon tea, quintessentially English with tea supplied by Twinings accompanied by savouries and warm scones.

Be inspired by our sample menu (pdf, 173kb, English only)


Club Kitchen in Club World.

Club Kitchen

In between meals spoil yourself with a treat or two from our Club Kitchen.

There are lots of things to choose from including fresh fruit, Duchy yoghurt, sandwiches, salads and sweets. Other British favourites include Island Bakery shortbread and Cadbury chocolate.

Selection may vary depending on time of day and route.

Club World London City

A unique flight should include exceptional cuisine and that’s what we deliver on this very special flight.

Chicken meal on a square plate in Club World.

London City to New York

On your short trip to Shannon you will enjoy an appetiser with drinks. From Shannon to New York we will serve you a delicious meal with a full bar service.

If you are on our first flight of the day, we will also serve you afternoon tea with sandwiches, cakes and pastries accompanied by our own blend of tea specially created by Twinings.

Throughout the flight feel free to indulge in our plentiful snacks to keep you going.

New York to London City

On your flight from New York why not dine in our lounge before you board. Then relax into your seat with a snack and a nightcap before catching up on a few precious hours of sleep. Otherwise we will serve you supper on board followed by a tasty breakfast before you land. If you prefer to sleep for longer then take-away a city breakfast option to start your day.

Club Europe

Meal iwth rice and chicken in Club Europe.

A seamless service

Our Club Europe service offers you a meal planned to perfection based on the time and length of your flight.

On a morning flight start your day with a hot English breakfast or if you are leaving later try our charcuterie selection, both served with warm bread and pastries.

For lunch and dinner you can choose between a fresh salad or a tasty hot meal accompanied by warm bread and a full bar service.

If you still have room for more try our dessert or selection of cheese. Our English afternoon tea is a tradition you won’t want to miss, enjoy savouries and warm scones together with a fine cup of tea.

OpenSkies Biz Bed

Dinner in Biz Bed cabin.

The best of French cuisine onboard

Succumb to the delights of French cuisine with a four-course menu prepared by master chefs.

In your glass, taste a bouquet of flavours from the finest wines French vineyards have to offer. Then indulge in irresistible sweets such as the famous Ladurée macaroons.

We’ve also included a genuine British touch: a Wedgwood porcelain place setting.

All meal choices are subject to availability.