A taste of summer


Nadine: Hello guys and hello Laura.

Laura: Hello.

Nadine: So Laura and I are just going to head to Amsterdam with British Airways right now. I’m so, so excited. We’re basically going to explore how to have the best summer ever. And how are we going to do that?

Laura: By eating lots of food.

Nadine: By eating lots of food. Let’s go.

Sir Albert Hotel.

Laura: It’s really, really plush here and we’ve been greeted by glasses of Champagne.

Laura: Cheers.

Nadine: Cheers.

Nadine: Hey Laura, guess where we are?

Laura: Could it be Amsterdam?

Nadine: I think we made it to Amsterdam.

So right now we're just having a lovely café latte, it’s really cute, and it’s got all this amazing like quirky street art which I find really entertaining.

Nadine: Come Laura, dinner awaits us. [Laughs]

Nadine: Laura and I are having a romantic tapa filled dinner.

Laura: Nadine’s wining and dining me tonight.

Nadine: So I’m about to try a stroopwaffle, and in the middle of it, Oh my gosh it’s caramel. Mmm

Nadine: Everybody bikes here.

Nadine: Of course I want to introduce you guys to the wonderful ‘FEBO’, AKA the vending machine food.

Laura: It’s very fascinating.

Nadine: I don’t know how it’s going to taste. Woah

Laura: Delicious, I want this.

Nadine: So I’m trying Bitterballen, it’s a very traditional dutch dish.

Laura: So I’m trying a traditional dish here called Raw Herring. It’s slimy.

Nadine: Alright guys it is the end of our last day here in Amsterdam. I hope you have enjoyed a, a taste. And thank you Laura for joining me.

Laura: Thank you.

Nadine: Bye Bye.

Laura: Bye.