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Choosing your seat

Seats in World Traveller.

Where would you like to sit?

Reserve your seat for free during check-in

Once on-line check-in opens, from 24 hours before departure, you can choose your seat for free, although your choice may be limited. A fee may still apply to exit seats.

Choose your seat in advance for more choice

Whether you want extra legroom or to sit together as a group, you can reserve your seat in advance. It's easy to do, either at the time of booking your flight or afterwards by using Manage My Booking. When you make your seat choice online, we will tell you whether you have to pay or not.

You can pay for seating if you are travelling on any flight operated by British Airways or BA CityFlyer. You can also pay for seating on a British Airways flight operated by American Airlines or Iberia. The operating airline's pricing will apply.

Paid seating terms and conditions

Some people can reserve their seats for free

Executive Club membership cards.

Executive Club Members plus companions

Choose your seats free of charge for everyone in the same booking if you
are a:

  • Blue Member - from 24 hours before departure, when check-in opens
  • Bronze Member - from seven days before travel, except exit row seats on longhaul flights and only on British Airways flights
  • Silver Member - from time of booking, except exit row seats on longhaul flights
  • Gold Member - from the time of booking

Log in to the Executive Club

Businessman in hotel room using his mobile phone.

What type of ticket do you have?

Flexible tickets

A flexible ticket means you can change your flights at any time before departure free of charge, and you can also choose your seat for free as soon as you've booked.

How to find flexible ticket information

Go to Manage My Booking

Semi-flex tickets

A Semi-flex ticket means you can change your flight on the day you're travelling to a different flight on the same day, free of charge.  You can also choose your seat 48 hours before departure. 

These Semi-flex tickets are available on UK Domestic or European flights.

Go to Manage My Booking

Mother with two babies.

Families with an infant

When you travel with an infant (under 2 years) who won't be travelling in a seat of their own, you can reserve a seat for yourself and everyone in your booking, free of charge, as soon as you've made your booking.

If you don't choose a seat in advance, we'll reserve a suitable one for you three days before the flight.

Go to Manage My Booking

We'll provide special assistance for some people

Woman in wheelchair.

Disability assistance

We want you to be as comfortable as possible on your British Airway's flight. Our staff will be pleased to discuss your needs, so call us and we'll help you find the best seat to suit you, for free.

Contact us

Find out about disability assistance

Ground staff with a child.

Children travelling alone

We have a special Skyflyer's Solo service so that we can take care of your child when they travel on their own.

There is a charge for this service and as part of that, we'll make sure your child has a suitable seat.

Please call us to book the Skyflyer's Solo service and we'll take care of everything for you.

What is the Skyflyers Solo service?

Contact us

Group rafting.

Groups of more than 9 people

When you travel as a large group, we'll make sure that you can stay together on board as well, so we'll reserve seats for the whole group for free.

Unfortunately, you cannot reserve seats for the group or individuals within the group in any other way.

When you are travelling with children

A family in a swimming pool.

Enjoy your flight together

Choose seats for the whole family so that you can be sure you're seated together.

You may be able to reserve seats for free if you have an infant in your booking, otherwise there will be a charge.

If you decide not to reserve your seats in advance, we'll do it for you 5 days before departure. If you can't be seated together, we'll make sure each child is seated with an adult from your group.

Go to Manage My Booking

Seat type and price guide

Man reading newspaper on board.

Want some extra legroom?

Exit row seats offer more legroom as there are no seats directly in front of them, and they are available on longer international flights from £50/€60/$75 each. You will have to meet certain safety requirements, and be an able-bodied adult to be allowed to sit in an exit row seat.

More about exit row seats

Choose your seat using Manage My Booking

Bulkhead seats are usually reserved for people with infants as this is where the bassinet table is positioned, so you may not be able to reserve these.

How to make a change or get a refund

Man and woman sitting on board.

Just the two of you

Maybe you prefer to sit next to just your travel companion, so choose a twin seat from £30/€36/$45 each, available on longer international flights, in economy at the back of the plane.

Choose your seat using Manage My Booking

How to make a change or get a refund

Seats in World Traveller.

Standard seat prices

Whether you want to make sure you sit together, or get a window or aisle seat, standard seat prices start from £7/€8/$11 each on UK Domestic and European flights, and £20/€24/$30 each on longer international flights, so it's worth taking a look.

Choose your seat using Manage My Booking

How to make a change or get a refund

Did you know?

Woman with headphones on board.

Nervous flyers

If you sit near the centre of the plane, you don't feel the effects of turbulence as much.

Turbulence is quite normal during a flight, but it can leave some people feeling anxious, so choose your seat early near the centre of the plane and rest assured that you'll have a more comfortable flight.

Choose your seat using Manage My Booking

Flying with confidence

Does flying make you nervous? Why not enrol on a one day course with Aviatours to help you overcome your fear and enjoy your next flight.

Flying with Confidence courses