Transcript: Stay tuned


Today, British Airways starts a new road ahead of us. We are announcing £400m of investment on our Club product. This morning we took a group of guests to our Gatwick lounge, I’m very happy about that experience.


Customers are really loving everything we have to offer here; they love the views of the runway, they love all the new catering that we’re putting on board; the different spaces they’ve got to rest and relax. So overall, feeback’s been fantastic.


Customers who fly with us in Business and First class cabins, the lounges give them time to download after a busy flight or sometimes eat on the ground before they want a great night’s sleep on the plane.


In a few minutes we’re going to get on a plane and whilst we are flying we’re going to try to feature some of the things that are coming for BA. We are going to land probably in Heathrow in a couple of hours and go through the First Wing in Terminal 5.


The First Wing is our new and enhanced premium check-in area. It will enable our First customers, our Executive Gold Club card holders, as well as our oneworld Emerald members to be able to have a dedicated and exclusive check-in experience at T5.


It’s nice to see the seamless experience coming back, where I want to feel welcomed and important when I walk into the airport. I want to know that I can have a great experience on board as well.


Premium product and a product for everyone that is flying BA.

This a new BA. New thinking, new flying.