Transcript: British Airways - Team GB and ParalympicsGB Partnership 2020



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Dina Asher-Smith: What I'm looking forward to most in Olympic year and 2020 is obviously just getting out there and starting to race again. I love competition, I absolutely love to race, I love a challenge so that's something that I really, really relish.

Sky Brown: My name is Sky Brown, I am 11 years old and I'm a skateboarder. It's gonna be amazing!

We just get to show the world how amazing skateboarding is and I want to show girls it doesn't matter about your age, you can do anything.

Alfie Hewett: My name is Alfie Hewett and I'm a professional wheelchair tennis player. I'm very excited, this will be my second games. I got two medals at the Rio Paralympics, I want to go one further and try and get the gold. It's going to be a very, very tough ask, I'm setting myself high standards, however you know the Games is once every four years and it's the pinnacle of every Olympic and Paralympic event.

Cheavon Clarke: My name is Cheavon Clarke. Heavyweight GB Boxer. What I'm most looking forward to this year in Tokyo is competing, getting to meet the people, the culture and most of all bringing back a medal for the country and myself. Life-changing experience!

Maisie Summer-Newton: I’m Maisie Summers-Newton, I'm a para-swimmer and I compete in the S6 category. The Paralympics has always been a dream and Tokyo's always been a dream since watched London 2012. I'm most looking forward to just swimming there, I mean that's what I do and what I really dream of doing as well.

Ali Jawad: My name is Ali Jawad and my sport is Paralympic power lifting. Tokyo will be my fourth by Paralympic Games so I've obviously been to Beijing, London and Rio, so for me like every cycle is different because it's a different country. So for me, what I'm looking forward to is embracing the culture, it's a new experience and hopefully I'll come back with a gold medal because last time I won silver so actually it will be one better.

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