Information and FAQs

We take pride in offering you a wide range of engaging, inspiring and above all, entertaining options of the highest standard to enhance your journey with us. We're also constantly evaluating our programme offering to include additional languages and accessibility options where possible.


collapsedshowWhat electronic devices can I use on board?

You can use the following electronic devices on board:

  • Mobile phones
  • Laptops/notebooks can be used during the flight provided any built-in connectivity, such as wi-fi, is switched off or set to 'flight mode'. These need to be switched off and stowed away safely for taxi, take-off and landing.
  • Tablets
  • e-Readers
  • Portable DVD/CD players
  • Digital audio/MP3-players
  • Electronic games
  • Cameras
  • Bluetooth devices, e.g. wireless keyboards or headphones, can be used during the flight but must be switched off for taxi, take-off and landing.
  • Noise-cancelling headphones
  • Electric shavers
  • Assistive medical devices

When to use 'flight mode'

  • Always follow the cabin crew’s directions to turn devices off or onto 'flight mode' when requested.
  • You can use handheld devices, e.g. mobile phones, tablets and e-readers, at all times as long as you have enabled 'flight mode' before the flight departs. Please secure your device safely in your hand or a pocket during taxi, take-off and landing and make sure accessories, such as headphones, do not obstruct access to the aisle.
  • If your device transmits or receives communications but does not have a 'flight mode' you will need to switch it off before your flight departs and cannot use it during the flight.

Flight phase Handheld devices Larger devices Wi-fi, text and phone call functions
Boarding Yes Yes Yes
Waiting to take off (when instructed by your flight crew) Yes Yes Yes
Taxiing for take-off Yes No* No


No* No
While airborne Yes Yes No
From '10 / 20 minutes to landing' announcement Yes No* No
Landing Yes No* No
Taxiing to stand Yes No* Yes

* Please switch your device off and stow it away safely.

collapsedshowCan I use my own headphones?

You can use your headphones during the flight but please remove them for the safety briefing. You can attach them to your personal device or the in-flight entertainment system.

collapsedshowCan I connect my device to the in-flight entertainment system?

On most of our aircraft you can connect your device to the in-flight entertainment system to charge it, or even watch your own films on the bigger screen on board.

collapsedshowWhat is 'My Entertainment Plan' and how does it work?

My Entertainment Plan allows you to check what's available on your flight and plan what to view in advance. You can then email or share your entertainment plan and bring it with you on board. At the moment, the content you select is only for your personal use and will not appear pre-programmed at your seat.

collapsedshowHow do you ensure the programme is safe for children?

We work closely with the British Board of Film Classification (BBFC) to ensure films adhere to their ratings system that reflects current industry standards. We provide most programmes in their original form but do approach studios about edited versions if we think the subject is sensitive and could make our customers uncomfortable.

Where we feel viewer discretion is required, we provide a notification on the High Life Entertainment page, in the entertainment section of your High Life magazine, as well as in visual and auditory formats which precede relevant content in the in-flight entertainment system.

A parental lock system may be available depending on the aircraft type. Please speak to a member of your cabin crew for more information.

collapsedshowDo you offer programmes with audio description or closed captions?

We try to provide as many programmes with audio description or closed captions as possible, depending on what is available from the distributors of the content. We are constantly evaluating our programme to ensure we are doing all we can to provide a more comprehensive entertainment experience for everyone.

collapsedshowHow often do you update the programme?

We refresh our in-flight entertainment programme every month, but some items are updated on a daily or weekly basis.

collapsedshowDo you offer wi-fi on board?

We currently offer wi-fi connectivity on board our business-class only Club World London City services from London City to New York (JFK).