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In a little more than a decade, James Watt and Martin Dickie have turned their ‘punk’ beers into a billion-pound concern. And now they’ve created the new JetStream, an easy-drinking American Pale Ale.

Our partnership with BrewDog started in 2019, which was a very special year for British Airways being our centenary year. In celebration of our 100 years we wanted to offer our customers a limited edition exclusive beer and as a result, BrewDog Speedbird 100 was created.

Offered across our global network, Speedbird 100 was incredibly popular with our customers, with hundreds of thousands of cans produced and enjoyed by our customers. Speedbird 100 was such a success and BrewDog are such a fantastic partner, we weren't ready to part ways so we worked together on producing JetStream, a brand new beer exclusive to British Airways customers.

JetStream is an easy-drinking American Pale Ale is made for travel. Aromas of pine and citrus infuse the cabin. Citrus peel and subtle tropical fruits disembark. All sitting comfortably on a malty biscuit fuselage and a resinous finish awaits.